Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wolf of Tebron book review: A hero, a wolf and dreams

Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin.
I enjoyed going on this hero’s journey with Joran and Ruyah, in this fantasy that contains elements of fairy tale and myth. Joran is an unlikely hero who sent his wife, Charris, away in a jealous fit, and Ruyah is a huge silver wolf who has long watched Joran from the woods and hills nearby.
Joran does not know why, but he has the ability to talk with animals, whether a goat on his farm or a wolf or wild songbird.
The outward purpose of the journey is to rescue Charris, who is magically imprisoned in ice in an unknown place. The author skillfully interweaves the hero encountering danger with passages where wisdom is shared and beauty is seen.
Lakin includes lyrical descriptions, characterizing the essence of light itself as “liquid joy”, and the wolf leading the way as “But he set his attention on Ruyah’s tail, which floated on the fog like a disembodied swatch of fur.”
The travelers are forced to visit Cielle, the moon’s sister, then Sola, the sun’s mother, the South Wind and finally the Sea, and face despair, fights and the threat of death as they journey toward Charris. Sola says that the moon is a jealous being and won’t give up Charris, and she is right.
I am not going to give away any plot here but I recommend that you read this fantasy which intertwines dreams and reality, and enjoy the journey.
This is the first book in the Gates of Heaven series.


Heart2Heart said...


This sounds like a book I know that my husband and youngest daughter would truly love to read. I may have to look that up when school is back in session.

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Thanks for the book review!

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thank you for the excellent book review.
i have a weakness for fantasy, having never
outgrown fairy tales. :)

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What wonderful name,,such a talent just there, the story must be wonderful...I will look it up.
The cover thrills also.

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Sounds like an interesting book. I may just have to check into that one. Thanks, for the review. Hugs

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Love to read fantasy books. thanks for dropping by my blue Monday and for becoming a follower.