Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pens and Paper At the Ready

Hi friends, I have pens and paper and I am not afraid to use them.
After one full week of self isolating I am getting Bored and Lonesome and longing to hang out with people.
I have many note cards and postcards and in case you are Bored or Lonesome, I offer to send one to you. I have International stamps so where ever you are, I can send you a card.
The photo shows just a few examples of my big stash of cards.
Let me know in the comments if you would like a card. You can contact me via email or leave your email addy in your comment. Don't leave your postal address in the comment.
Be well and of good cheer my friends.
Update on March 28, 2020. I have sent 14 cards so far, and it is fun sending them out with friendly thoughts for each recipient. One already arrived in Europe, a fast journey. If you want a card and haven't asked, please do,  my cards and pens are at your service. I love sending mail to friends in other countries in addition to the USA.
This reminds me to thank all the postal workers and delivery men (haven't seen any women yet) for being so faithful in their work. So many people are deserving of our thanks aren't they? Health workers, teachers learning online teaching, store clerks, truck drivers, the list is long and each person is doing important work. I have truck drivers in my family and I do love them. Thank you all.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

New mirror, Plum Trees, Coronavirus, and Stone Sculptures

I have been shopping for a large mirror for above my kitchen/dining table and took this photo in a store of a potential mirror. I thought the photo is pretty so here it is.
I wasn't aiming for an artsy photo but it turned out nice, I think. I decided to have a custom made mirror four feet tall and five feet wide and they will make it and install it soon. It is heavy so two men will come over to install it. They brought it over only to find it had a small noticeable chip in it at the edge, so took it away and they are having a new mirror made for me.
Below are some stone sculptures made by setting stones upon stones, near my house and the ocean. The stones look like lonely Japanese warriors to me, looking out to sea.
That is ice plant in the foreground. It has pretty yellow flowers for much of the year, was planted to control erosion and is considered invasive.
Below are plum trees flowering. The first photo is of a plum tree at church.

The plum below is my Santa Rose plum planted 2 years ago, and the flowers hint of potential plums to come. I was pleased to harvest two dozen delicious plums last year that we ate; some other plums were lost to the birds who pecked at them, and some fell to the ground and were mushy.

 My church has many flowering plum trees with pink blossoms, maybe 25 trees.

The plum tree below with its white blossoms looks like a cloud has gently landed on it. No one planted it, it is growing in the alley along my fence. I think a bird planted it. This photo was taken while I was standing on my patio near my kitchen door.

What to say? The surgeon general recently tweeted that there is no need for the public to buy face masks, and that health workers need them. This is a bit contradictory. I understand the face masks help because they prevent us from touching our face, so I ordered some online. I am wondering if they are sold out and whether they will actually arrive. The virus can enter through the nose, mouth and eyes, and of course the masks don't cover the eyes.
I read that the virus remains infectious on surfaces for several days, so you don't need to be in contact with an infected person to become infected.
I bought extra Tylenol, Lysol kitchen wipes and cough syrup, just in case. Hand washing is key to prevention and I have hand sanitizer in my purse. Hand sanitizers are sold out in the city in California where I live. A virus expert said the sanitizer needs to be above 60 per cent alcohol, and he recommends taking zinc lozenges at the first sign of flu or cold symptoms. I don't know the scientist's name, sorry. He also says no to hand shaking, instead use fist bumps or a small bow. I am around a lot of people at church and in the retirement/memory care home where I volunteer.
For me, staying home would be difficult, not to mention boring. I am a senior citizen so I am in one of the groups health officials are concerned about. You youngsters may be less at risk. Are you doing anything to prepare? Just in case. Any good ideas?