Monday, December 11, 2017

Jingle Jingle What's That I Hear?

Yes, jingle bells are what I hear, on my front door wreath and in my heart too.
Here are some of my decorations; the big tree isn't shown cuz we have lots of ornies to add to it.
Two new stockings for Fluffy and Bounce.
I know Bounce is thinking, what is she thinking of? His new Christmas sweater.
Above are gifts from the Surviving the Holidays program at a local church. This program helps people survive the holidays when we are grieving. From handmade candles to chocolate to a book about heaven and a Christmas music CD, they had us covered with love. Oh and a pack of kleenex for our tears and an ornament to decorate with a word about our loved one. I wrote Kisses on my ornament, cuz that's what Will and I were about.
GriefShare is a national program so look online for a local program if you or a friend or family member are grieving this year. It is free and has a Christian theme. They say it does not matter how long ago your loved one died, you are welcome.
This is the new 24 inch tall tree I bought this year, with twelve birds from National Wildlife Federation.
Are you decking your halls too?