Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book give away funny senior moments

I admit it, I am a woman "of a certain age", and this book made me laugh at funny senior moments O'Connor includes in it. Not that I personally have had  any senior moments, ha ha. 
I am giving away a copy of this book to one person who comments, and I use to choose the winner. The copy I am giving away is a print copy.
Here is my review of this book:
A Laugh a Day
"365 Senior Moments You’d Rather Forget" by Karen O’Connor
You are sure to find some giggle worthy moments recounted in this book, and I suggest it as a gift for your friends and relatives who are of “a certain age” and who have a sense of humor about aging.
Here are a few moments O’Connor shares in the book:
“Depositing your to-do list in the ATM slot instead of a check.”
“Leaving your house key in the front door and then going to sleep feeling totally secure.”
Or this one “Writing a reminder note and then forgetting to read it.” Ha ha, this one could happen to me.
The book is only five inches tall and four inches across, a handy size for carrying in a purse to read while waiting for an appointment or for mailing to some lucky person.

So leave a comment for a chance to win. 
I will announce the winner on Oct. 2.
Here's a senior moment that happened to my friend years ago, that still makes me laugh. She was 80 at the time, and returned home from grocery shopping, put her groceries away and went on with her day. But she soon realized she could NOT find her car and house keys.
She searched high and low and no keys. Eventually she found her keys when she opened her freezer to take out food for dinner. She put the keys in the freezer, poor darling, and was happy to find them!
Chance for you to win, just leave a comment.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greek Festival and Evil Eye Beads

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On Sunday my hubby and I enjoyed attending the Greek Festival given twice a year by the congregation of a local Greek Orthodox Church. Delicious food as always. We had moussaka, spanakopita and dolmas.
I treated myself at the festival and bought a bracelet that looks a bit like this one. I found this photo on Flickr.
The beads are the traditional blue and white in concentric circles beads that are worn to ward off the "evil eye."
People in Turkey and Greece put protective bracelets on babies and young children, and hang beads on vehicles and homes too.
The beads remind me of the year I lived in Turkey. I have a necklace and earrings that I bought in Turkey and now a bracelet too.
Do you attend festivals sometimes?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Beauty of Note Cards

Do you like to send snail mail cards and letters? Well, I do.
Sending real cards is falling out of fashion, but I think it is very meaningful. The recipient often displays and keeps the card on view. You purchase a card the recipient will like, or stationery, write some words from the heart, and mail it. I even buy pretty or funny stamps at the post office and add stickers to the notes. Stickers of  cats, lady bugs, butterflies, you know what I mean. My sister sent me stickers of cows which make me smile.
So when I found that my new friend in blogland makes pretty cards, I bought some from her.
Her name is Wanda at Got a Minute or Two blog Got a Minute or Two blog
Wanda paints flowers, jars, old trucks, hydrangeas, blueberries, butterflies and bouquets.