Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter is a new creation

"On the third day the friends of Christ coming at daybreak to the place found the grave empty and the stone rolled away. In varying ways they realized the new wonder; but even they hardly realized that the world had died in the night. What they were looking at was the first day of a new creation, with a new heaven and a new earth; and in a semblance of the gardener God walked again in the garden, in the cool not of the evening but of the dawn."
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I admire the talent of people who decorate eggs like the above. They are works of art, aren't they?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Apple Blossom Clematis in my garden

A year ago I planted a small two foot high Apple Blossom clematis and it is now six feet tall and climbing up my back fence and has lightly scented white flowers. Many clematis are deciduous but this type is evergreen and keeps its leaves year round. The flowers are about one inch across. I am looking for a Jackmanii clematis with five inch purple flowers, and which does lose its leaves each year.
In July 2017 I bought a deciduous clematis called Niobe with burgundy red blooms in spring and summer. It was dormant when I bought and planted it from a mail order nursery (Wayside Gardens)  so I haven't seen the blooms yet. It has a few leaves and tendrils at the moment. Below is a photo of Niobe in bloom.
Below are two more photos of my Apple Blossom Clematis, in bloom since March 1, 2018.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Christ Symbol in Ephesus, Turkey and groups we are in

Above is a photo of the pendant my friend bought for me in the ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey quite a few years ago. It makes reading Ephesians even more meaningful to me.What a thoughtful gift. We co-authored two books and she knew I attended college in Turkey so she thought of me.
Below is a photo of the Christ symbol you can see if you visit the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey.

The fish in early Christianity was a symbol for Christ.
The Greek word for fish is Ichthys and the letters for Ichthys  are the following:
If you draw each letter on top of the other you will form the symbol O with 6 lines through it, looking somewhat like a pizza that is sliced.

In ancient Ephesus Christians carved this symbol into the stone walk way which you can see today if you visit Ephesus in Turkey. This symbol is also found in Athens and other places in Greece and in Rome. It is believed that like the drawn symbol of the fish (which we still see today in places like bumper stickers) this was a way of secretly announcing that Christians were near. In the early years of the church, as in many countries today, it was dangerous to be a Christian. In fact, Paul wrote Ephesians (letters to Christians in Ephesus) when he was in prison. He was eventually executed for being a Christian. I am reading a book by N.T. Wright called "Paul for Everyone: the Prison Letters, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon".
I also read that the Greek letters of Ichthys are an acronym for Jesus Christ God’s Son Our Savior
Fun to be in a study group
A nice aspect of the women's Bible study group I attend is that I meet new people of all ages and backgrounds. This one lasts for 8 weeks and has 14 members and when it ends I will probably sign up for another study. About 50 ladies showed up so we divided into 3 groups. Isn't it fun to meet new people? And see old friends too.
Are you in a group or groups that meet locally? I know some of you are in book clubs which sound like fun. One blog friend is in a group that reads poetry out loud, that also sounds like a great activity and some of you gather to knit or do crafts, also fun.