Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Giveaway "A Still and Quiet Soul" by Cathy Messecar

I am giving away one copy of a book filled with powerful and helpful ideas, and titled "A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment" by Cathy Messecar.
She has a lovely interview published here
Here is the first part of that interview (you can read all of it at the above link).

Author Interview: Cathy Messecar, A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment

Please welcome Cathy Messecar to my blog; she's an author and ten year veteran newspaper columnist for Houston Community Newspapers, The Courier (over 500 columns). I am blessed to have her as a friend, and we even wrote our Christmas book together. Her newest release, A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment is perfect for individual, Bible study groups, or book clubs who prefer inspirational nonfiction. Cathy will share about her newest book, writing career, and let us in on a few fun facts about her life:

1. Why did you choose to write about contentment?

Thank you for hosting this interview and helping to get the word out about, A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment. I chose the topic of contentment for several reasons: a) I saw how God had taken me on a journey from everyday frustrations to a more complete trust in his care. b) As I researched the topic, I found that little had been written for Christians along this line in the last two decades. c) I saw a real need in the young and old around me, who seemed to hand-wring, worry, and complain about a lot of things while living in one of the most affluent nations in the world. d) I felt that God could use me, my experiences, and my faith as a reminder to others to watch for God's holy intervention into their lives. e) Finally, when contentment abides within, it becomes an attractant to those who might not have a relationship with God. When we are content, no matter the chaos or calm of our outward circumstances, God lives through us to draw others to him.
Now, this rest of the post is written by lil ole me, Terra.
Like me, do you yearn to be more content? When we are content we radiate joy to everyone we encounter. The author has written short, easy to understand chapters with intriguing titles including “Bedazzled” and “One More Lap Around Mount Sinai”. I like her simple to implement tips, and also the story she includes in each chapter about an experience of hers, or of a friend.
I immediately put into practice her ideas on “over-possessions” and “enoughness”, and did some quick decluttering. I made the top of my bureau attractive by organizing the clutter. Now I smile when I see how nice it looks, and it cost no money and took only 15 minutes to organize.
Bible stories and verses are included in her book, and I love her idea of putting the word “Jesus” at the top of to do lists.
The author has given me a copy to give away here; just leave a comment by April 4 for a chance to win this sweet book. I use to select the winner. I want you all to win!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The cement ship and beach area

My husband and I enjoyed a walk along the beach where a cement ship is "anchored" at the end of a pier. Long ago the ship had dining and dancing and gambling on it, later that ended and people could walk on the ship and fish. Now as the ship is aging and a danger to walk on, it is blocked off but you can still walk along the pier.

At the end of the walk we stopped for coffee at the cute coffee spot, shown here. Look closely at the photo of the coffee shop, and you will see a bowl of fresh water set out for dogs, and a cute painting of a dog above the bowl.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daffodils Light Up a Room

I treated us to a bouquet of daffodils and put them in this blue vase, which brought spring right in to our kitchen. Daffodils at Whole Foods were one bunch for $2.50 so I couldn't resist buying TWO bunches. These golden beauties make me smile whenever I enter the kitchen and see them glowing sun yellow on the table.
"A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up, whether or not the sun be shining outside. Daffodils in a green bowl --- and let it snow if it will." -- A. A. Milne
And George H. Ellwanger wrote in 1889 in The Garden's Story "Of all the floral catalogues, the most exquisitely tantalizing is the daffodil catalogue. The further you read, the deeper the gold."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogging is so grand

sun in his fur
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I've been thinking about how much I enjoy visiting blogs, and how we are giving our blog buddies a peek into our lives. Isn't it fun to have these glimpses in to other ways of living?

Blogs are educational to read too. I am not a practicing artist and not too crafty but I like reading artists' and crafters' blogs and even get an occasional idea that I can do. Keep it simple for me though!

One blog friend shares the cutest photos of her goats and chickens.

I live in California and share garden ideas and occasional photos of my area here, and I like to read about my blog friends' lives in Canada, Europe, Great Britain, India, Australia and just down the road in California on the coast or up on a mountain.

Sometimes we share humor, yay, or insights about Jesus.

We share health and other problems and folks pray along with bloggers who need prayer. Well, that's all of us, I think.

The best part of blogging, for me, is that it makes my world a bit bigger and more friendly.

What is the best part of blogging, for you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cute Kittens on Wordless Wednesday

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We love cats at our house and hope to adopt a kitten or young cat in spring.