Sunday, May 31, 2015

Changes in the Door of Mystery

Mystery door to nowhere has disappeared.
Oh my, did you see my post of April 29, 2015 about the mystery door in a cliff top house that I have been noticing in my drives around town?
Well, look closely at the photo above and you can see scaffolding is now in place and the mysterious door itself that opens on nothing but a cliff has disappeared.
Yesterday I saw workmen busy standing on the scaffolding and working.
Apparently if Rapunzel lives there she will be more safe in future. I will post photos of the resulting renovations when they are done.
Here is the previous photo below.
You, my blog readers, left wonderful and fanciful comments on the April 29 post, where you made some hilarious suggestions about the use of the door. A way to get rid of unwanted guests. A way to sneak out of the house and more. You guys are too funny.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My 10 Favorite Authors of All Time

I like to hear about authors and books other bloggers enjoy, and I decided to write my own list of my ten favorite authors of all time.

P.G. Wodehouse
Anthony Trollope
Patrick O'Brian
Jan Karon
C.S. Lewis
Jane Austen
Anne Lamott
Alexander McCall Smith
J.R.R. Tolkien
Madeleine L'Engle

Books as Food blogger listed her 10 favorites on April 23 and inspired me to write a list. Of course my list may change over time.
Do you like any of my favorites?
Do you have a list of your favorites?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hats, hats, who loves hats?

I like hats and usually wear one when I am outside, whether in the garden, on the patio or walking. See the three sparkly ones in the front? And the two pretty blue ones behind?
They keep the sun off my head and my face so they are protecting me, plus I like the look of them.
One of my friends has three of these hats too, in red, black and white. The sparkles make everyone smile.
I have more hats I may show you; three of the hats not pictured here have wide brims and tie beneath my chin so I can walk on windy beaches, cliff tops, and the local wharf without the hats flying away.
I also have other baseball caps including several of the Green Bay Packers and three with pastel flowers on the fabric.
Yesterday I saw a pretty lavender color hat with a wide brim on sale and bought it.
One extra plus of hats is they are protection from the sun. Apparently some sun screen lotions are not very healthy to use, so read the ingredients list. Some ingredients may cause cancer! Hats and long sleeves work well to protect from the sun, with sunscreen on my hands.
Do you wear hats too? For beauty and for sun protection I think they are fun.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My mom, the best mom in the whole world

Celebrating the best mom in the whole world. Yes, my mom. She died so young, at age 54, and was very supportive of me in everything I wanted to do.

I may have posted these photos before but they sure show the happiness we shared, hugging in our yard.
And can I tell you I am close to having a pity party here right now, cuz I called our sons and cancelled the Sunday Mothers Day get together at our house. I am sick, for a week now. I thought it was allergies, now I am wondering if it is a cold. So boo hoo for me!
How many days can I take Claritin? It had no insert in the package. One friend says she takes one a day, all year!
During this sick down time I wrote 2,000 words in the children's book I am writing, so that makes me happy. Even in my pity party.