Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Birdbath, Frog and Petals

Frog in our pebble bird bath with plum tree blossoms. Quiet moments of beauty in these retirement days.
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Monday, February 15, 2016

New books for me and retirement reading

Retirement has many things to recommend it and leisure time for reading is one of those things.
Last year I discovered my newest favorite author, Anthony Trollope, and in retirement I have time to enjoy reading his books, with plots which include love interests, the lives of humble people and nobility, people in love who are separated and yearn to marry, kind people and nasty people and many more themes. I read 9 of his books last year which is a real treat.
I do buy books at a faster rate than I can read them, but it is a good feeling to stock up. Sort of like a squirrel gathering nuts.
Here are the ten books I added to our shelves within the period of a week. All are paper copies unless otherwise noted.
1-3.The first three books by Michael Dibdin, starring police detective Aurelio Zen. I read the first one right away, Ratking, which begins as Zen is a disgraced detective and is sent from Rome to Perugia to investigate a kidnapping.
4. Kindle book "Skywalker: Close Encounters on the Appalachian Trial" by Bill Walker. I think I got this free; today it is $1.99.

5. By Its Cover by Donna Leon. This is about no. 23 in her series about a police detective in Venice. Venice seems to be a character in these novels, and food too. Brunetti investigates rare books being stolen. I read this and it is excellent, like all the others in the series.
6. The Fleet Street Murders by Charles Finch. This is set in London in 1866 with the gentleman and amateur sleuth, Charles Lenox and is the third in the series.
7. Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson. Dark humor about her life and struggles with severe panic attacks. I am reading this one. Apparently her second book, Furiously Happy, reveals her mental health issues are even more difficult than what she shares here.
8. Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope. Folio edition with slipcase. Set in England in the 1870s, the owner of an estate wants to leave it to his natural son, but the estate is entailed to his nephew. Both young men are named Ralph. I think this will have humorous aspects. Trollope is my favorite author.
9. The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith. An Isabel Dalhousie novel set in Edinburgh.

10. My favorite purchase is "ESV Daily Reading Bible: The Bible in One Year." What a wonderful approach to help people like me read the Bible in one year. It makes it interesting as each day has readings from the Old Testament and the New, and I spend only 15 minutes reading the day's Scripture. The Scottish pastor, Robert M'Cheyne (1813-1843) who set up the readings left us a great gift. He lived only to age 30. What a brilliant legacy.
Oopsie, can a person accidentally buy books?
Yes, I have all the signs of a bookaholic.
Since writing this post a few days ago I visited the library and got 3 more books. Oopsie indeed.
11. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, about unleashing the creativity within us. I borrowed this book; the others were all purchased. I am reading this and it is rather disappointing.
These next two were purchased at the Friends of the Library used book store which is located in the library.
12. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. The author is Swedish, and he tells the tale of a man who escapes from his nursing home and has adventures involving nasty criminals, Sonya the elephant and is a "laugh out loud debut" according to the book cover.
13. The Hog's Back Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts. Written in 1933 by Crofts who lived 1879-1957, The British Library Crime Classics republished this one about a country house and mysterious deaths and disappearances.
Also, to let you know, I do not read all day. Ha ha. I keep busy outside the home, and write books and garden, attend women's Bible study, attend our Christian writers group, exercise at a health club 3 times a week, etc. but reading is a special quiet time for me.
I am signing up to volunteer at a nursing home. I will share more about this when I know more. Ah, the joys of retirement and choosing what we want to do, for the most part.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Broken Heart Lily

This is the Asiatic Hybrid Lily "Broken Heart" which I planted this week. The photo is from Wayside Gardens which sells them.
I put her in a huge pot with one "Black Eye" lily bulb and look forward to their show later this year.
I didn't realize until I planted them that "Broken Heart" and "Black Eye" sound like a cry for help!
Black Eye is pretty, the center is black and the outer half of the petals is white. So I look forward to seeing them in bloom together, pink, black and white.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Bird Bath

I saw this bird bath along the sidewalk while on a walk in our neighborhood this week. Can you read the sign? It says "Don't look, birds bathing". Maybe I will go back and take a more close up photo. It looks like they made the birdbath base with flower pots, which is clever.