Monday, October 16, 2017

New floors, walls painted in my Happy Room

Here is the new flooring in tones of grey with some tan. It was put in Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. This is the biggest home improvement project I had done this year and the first big project without my husband.
Here are photos of the one wall my older son painted yellow for me on Saturday, and here are the new birds curtains. The other 3 walls he also freshly painted white, not a harsh white, more subtle. The yellow caused me to name this My Happy Room. I used Valspar "Summer Blonde" from Ace for the yellow paint.

Above is the sealant  which is white, plus the moisture barrier on top of the old floor and a bit of the new floating floor being added. Below is a large area of the sealant covering the old floor, as it dries it goes from grey to white.

Below is the old discolored floor, which looked gorgeous 30 years ago when we had our house addition built.

I am very happy with the change and hope this new floor lasts for a long time, decades in fact. I bought new curtains for this area, for 2 patio sliding glass doors and one long window, and my older son is painting the walls "slipper satin" in two rooms, with one wall in each room "summer blonde", which is a pale cheerful yellow for my "happy room."

Monday, October 9, 2017

Foxtails are dangerous to dogs as Bounce will affirm

These foxtail plants look harmless but beware; they can injure dogs. My dog Bounce sniffed one on the sidewalk while on a walk with me last week and he sneezed right away. He intermittently sneezed and shook his head for a couple days and finally had surgery to remove it on Oct. 4. The veterinarian explained that foxtails have tiny barbs so can not be easily removed and they keep going further in. Of course the surgery required anesthesia so she cleaned his teeth too, while he was "out". When I picked up Bounce at 5:30 that afternoon she showed me the foxtail she removed from his nasal passages.
He is all peppy and well today, hurray. That was 800 dollars well spent for my dear little Bounce.
A friend left a comment here telling me that her dog had a foxtail in its ear, and another that one entered through the skin on her dog's chest and it entered a lung! Surgery was successful in both those cases and for Bounce. As the saying goes about these benign looking seed heads, "for want of a nail the horse was lost", tiny problems can become huge!
On Oct. 3 I got a phone call that my step mother (age 84) had died, and I cried a lot. Oct. 4, 5, and 6 men were arriving at my house to put in new floors in 3 rooms. I couldn't cope so my older son stepped in and called the vet, and took off work Thursday morning to take Bounce in for surgery, which enabled me to go to Griefshare, where I cried a LOT and ladies gave me lots of support, kleenex and a hug or two. Meanwhile the new floors were installed.
So that is my week last week.
On the up side, the weather is lovely, my favorite temperature of mid seventies, and the new floors look very handsome indeed. And I have to say, Bounce is very Bouncy.