Friday, February 23, 2018

My Cymbidium orchids in bloom

I have one large pot of Cymbidium orchids and it is in bloom today, beginning about February 1 in 2018.
This orchid doesn't receive any fancy care, just orchid food and water as needed. It is outside all year here in coastal California. I have it planted in medium orchid bark, not in soil or moss. Orchids need great drainage so your pot needs a hole so water drains out..
I want to buy a second Cymbidium in a purple color and will look around a garden store tomorrow after Womens' Bible Study. About 50 women showed up so we divided into 3 groups so it is more informal and everyone gets to talk and know each other a bit better. I signed up to bring baked goods last week and another lady brought 3 kinds of tasty fruit and of course coffee is provided. Can we talk in the morning without coffee? Not me, LOL.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Items of sentimental value

Wooden Kachina figures from trips made by my dad to the American Southwest. These were chosen by me to keep when our family home was sold last year. In the religion of the Pueblo Indians of North America kachinas are 500 divine ancestral beings who interact with humans. My husband and I also traveled to the Southwest and the Four Corners and visited where the Kachinas still dance and visit their people.
Three men from my family home's living room, bought about sixty years ago by my parents and made in China.
This man is holding a fish and has a lot of detail. Our home had so many nice things in it, I was pleased to keep some. They were shipped from Wisconsin to my house in California and arrived safe and sound.
Do you have items of sentimental value, from loved ones or a family home?

Monday, February 5, 2018

Hodge podge from my life

These are some favorite photos I took. The first two are of a darling pin of the post office, given to me by my pen pal and blog friend Diane Diane Wants to Write, and it is a fun gift for two pen pals. I wear it on my black jeans jacket that has embroidered red roses.  Two photos are of a white orchid I bought on impulse in February, and the others are living room lights and shadows in my home which is sometimes dreamy and magical.