Friday, November 30, 2012

Writing Thank You Notes

write you a song
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Tis the time to think about the holidays approaching and giving and receiving gifts.

I am a big fan of teaching children to write thank you notes on real cards that they put in the mail. Paper thank you notes, phone calls, and emails are all appreciated, especially from one adult to another.

Yes, email thank yous have their place but there is a lot to be said for paper cards. It is very charming to receive a thank you note in the mail from a child.

We keep them for a while, put them where they can be seen as reminders of a child's thoughtfulness, and it takes a bit more time and has a cost, as opposed to email.

When my kiddoos were little I kept a stack of thank you cards at hand, and I still do, for me to use.

They can sign their name to a store bought card or draw a picture on a plain piece of paper.

Here is the quote I read that got me started on this line of thought today.

"An email thank you note says that you care enough to do the very least." -- Jodi Smith of Mannersmith Etiquette.

I think that is humorous.

Don't get me wrong, I love receiving any thank you, whether a phone call, email or a snail mail card.

Still, I advocate teaching little 'uns to send cards in the mail.

My two cents worth, or three cents worth, adjusted for inflation.

Monday, November 19, 2012

November vacation

Here are some photos and tidbits from our recent vacation to Point Reyes National Seashore, which is north of San Francisco.
Here is where we stayed. We enjoyed a private patio behind the bench and bushes which overlooks a pretty five acres and a creek, complete with wild deer and birds. Here I am standing on our deck.
Above are chairs lined up waiting for guests. I like the shadows on the path. We preferred sitting on this swing.
A November vacation can be a great and relaxing time, and this one lived up to its potential for us.

Here is a mural at a cute garden and lumber store in Point Reyes Station.
We visited a ranger station / natural history museum where we learned that Point Reyes Peninsula is NOT on the North American tectonic plate, but is on the adjacent plate and it is MOVING north heading to Alaska!
Above and below are photos of my husband and I "talking" to an elephant seal sculpture. Years ago we saw elephant seals in the wild, close up, and if they aren't moving they look like boulders. We walked past some, thinking they were boulders, and then one moved and we saw it was a gigantic elephant seal.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Terra counts her blessings from Buttercup

Thank you dear Buttercup Blog Friend Buttercup Counts Her Blessings for creating a Christmas / Chanukah gift list and including me in your list of 3. She bought gifts from we three (artist, candle maker and book author) to give to friends and family and I am honored and thrilled to be on her list.

Besides my books "Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms" and "Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts: Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tips to Simplify Your Holiday" Buttercup suggests the artist Marie at The Artful Heart and Rebecca and her candles at Hospitality Lane
I do like to support my fellow bloggers, and recently told you about blogger Wanda and her pretty notecards. I bought a dozen cards and they are being sent out to my friends and family.
Thanksgiving, then Chanukah and Christmas are on their way!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good things in November

November has some fun aspects for me, and I hope, for you too, especially everyone in the wake of storm Sandy.

My husband and I went on an impromptu vacation in early November to Point Reyes National Seashore, and more about that in my next post.
Nove. 9 lunch to celebrate birthday of a friend. Three of us will treat her.
Nove. 19 lunch with 5 friends, three of us are retired and three of us are working.
Nove. 26 lunch with my Christian writers' group.
Thanksgiving with hubby and our sons.
Church every Sunday which is very joyful, especially the music.
Voting on Nove. 6 in the USA. I love the privilege of voting and very much hope my favored candidate wins.
Hey, all of these except church and voting involve food.
I exercise twice a week on a bike and in a pool and am increasing my workout levels, plus I walk for 30 minutes 4 days a week.
My husband took these photos in Connecticut.
What do you like about your November?