Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shishkebob, and Foreman Grills Question

A meal that is part of any warm weather we have, spring, summer and fall, shishkebob. There are several spellings for this meal, including shish kebab. My computer keyboard doesn't allow for the Turkish typing of sis, which is pronounced shish.
We use metal skewers (shish), some of them are from Turkey and are the best kind which means that the blades are a little flattened and not round, so the meat doesn't slip and turn as you turn the skewers.
I learned to savor this meal the year I was in college in Istanbul, Turkey, where it is a popular dish.
Small pieces of lamb, steak, pork, chicken or shrimp, about 1 or 2 inches across, add lots of veggies and voila.
We like onions, green peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Notice that the meat is on a separate skewer. This is important since the meat takes longer to cook. If you put meat and veggies on the same skewer you can end up with raw meat and charred vegetables.
You may marinate the meat in olive oil and lemon juice or a marinade of your choice, or just baste with the marinade while cooking the shishkebob.
My husband volunteers to be in charge of prep and cooking.
Thank you dear hubby.
George Foreman Grills
I have read that the George Foreman grills are handy for cooking vegetables, like green beans. Have you tried this? I don't have one of those grills and am thinking of buying one for the convenience of cooking vegetables indoors on the grill. If you have a George Foreman or similar grill, how do you use it?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Farmers Market Goodies

Each Saturday a three minute drive from our home there is a Farmers Market from 9 to 1, all local organic produce.
Here is what I bought today. The purple flowers are Blue Horizons Ageratum.
The striped cucumber is an Armenian cucumber. I also bought a tomato, mixed salad greens, fingerling potatoes and radishes.
For dinner tonight, left over wild caught salmon, fingerling potatoes, and Asian cucumber and tomato salad. For the salad slice the cucumber in thin slices, add sliced tomato, green onions if you like, and pour seasoned rice vinegar over it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Additives in our food and more

I do like to post about flowers and everything I grow, plus books, so to get out of a rut here is a different post.
These are some health and food related ideas.
I did not have a pretty photo of additives (giggle), so chose a photo of a tulip bouquet. 
Nitrates and MSG
My husband and I are not buying foods with nitrates or MSG this year. Boy this involves reading teeny tiny labels in stores. Some food like sliced lunch meat packages do advertise boldly, no nitrates, no MSG. Thank you food producers for that.
These chemicals have negative effects, nitrates related to cancer, MSG to sleep difficulties.
Fiber in bread
Most bread we buy at our house has plenty of fiber per slice, usually 8 g or more per slice, and it tastes yummy. Some bread names are a bit sneaky though, for example some Oat Bread or Nine Grain Bread is made with refined flour and has only about 1 g per slice. In general we stay away from refined flour. There are many delicious crackers and cereals made with whole grains, like Rye Krisp crackers, Shredded Wheat and Post Great Grains cereals. Crunchy Pecan is our favorite Great Grains cereal. Where I live those cereals are usually $4.99 so I stock up when they are on sale at 2 for $5.00.
Fruit juice
We don't drink fruit juice since all that sugar hits your system with a big jolt. We prefer fruit anyway which is absorbed in your body slower. I know, I know, all those years of giving our children fruit juice instead of soda.
Much corn is grown from GMO seed, so when we see nonGMO corn written on a package we grab it.
What food tips have you discovered? I like to get new ideas and info about eating well.