Saturday, November 24, 2018

Books that I have recently captured

These book were recently free range books but I captured them with my net and brought them home.
I am looking forward to reading them. I think they also captured me.
This novel "The Travelling Cat Chronicles" sounds charming and I hope it is and that no cat has been harmed and no old man harmed either. Arikawa wrote this novel about an old man in Japan traveling around the country with his cat. That is all I know about the plot thus far, no spoilers please. It is translated from the Japanese and the dust jacket promises Nana the cat and his owner Satoru "will learn the true meaning of courage and gratitude, of loyalty and love." Doesn't this sound good?
This one I captured today at the local Goodwill store: dogs, memoir, disastrous second marriage, and written by the author of one of the best books I've ever read "Enchanted April." Actually I started reading this one, and it seems to be just about her dogs, which makes sense, according to its title "All the Dogs of My Life."
I am glad I found a dog book and a cat book, a balance that will please my dog and cat. By the way, my cat discovered the heated cat house I bought her beginning on Thanksgiving and she finds it very cozy.
I read Anne Perry's first two novels about the Pitts who investigate murders and I like the books a lot. Someone mentioned Perry writes a Christmas novel each year and I bought this one as a Christmas treat for myself. "That clever young aristocrat and budding sleuth Vespasia Cumming-Gould, ... investigates the tragedy that is to darken this lighthearted holiday house party",
For another treat I have no. 21 in the brilliant Rebus series by Ian Rankin. I am reading these in order, as per usual for me with series. Rebus is settling in to an uneasy retirement and is drawn into a long ago unsolved murder case. I  finished reading "Rather Be the Devil" yesterday and give it the five stars I usually give to the Rebus books. I am concerned about Rebus' health problem and will want to read the next book when it comes out. Also Rebus has a lady love, good for him.
Do you want to share any books you are looking forward to reading? Any Christmas treat books?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hope In Shadows and Wavy Mirrors

You might have noticed that I like to take photos of appealing shadows. Here are some from shadows on my patio, from a hanging flower pot and a wind chime.
The word "hope" is what caught my attention and my heart. This wind chime was given to me several years ago by a friend.
Can you see me in my butterfly hat in the mirror reflection? These are two bouquets in my kitchen, one from one of my sons who brought them to my house and one from me, to lift my spirits on the second anniversary of my hubby's death, on November 12. Flowers always get a smile from me. Do they have that effect on you?
I treated myself to the orange roses, an upbeat and unusual choice for me, and my older son surprised me with the gorgeous mixed flower bouquet. There are lavender roses in it, so pretty, and a favorite flower for me, oriental lilies.
The above shows my kitchen table last week with a different bouquet, as I wanted you to see my wavy mirrors. I saw these mirrors in my friend, Barbro's, home and wanted some for my house.
For my friends in the USA can Thanksgiving be here soon? I ordered a smoked turkey to be picked up on Thanksgiving day from the local BBQ restaurant. We had that last year and it was delicious.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Fun book, unlikely friends and Heated Cat House

This is the story of Arthur, Mandy and Lucille, as they form a friendship which is surprising to all of them. Mandy is a hurting teen, Arthur is widowed from Nola, the love of his life, and Lucille is his lonely next door neighbor. Arthur, age 85, encounters Mandy in the cemetery where he visits his wife every day and where Mandy goes when she skips school. Arthur looks at cemetery grave stones and thinks he hears clearly glimpses of the buried people’s lives. Mandy playfully changes Arthur’s last name to Truluv, isn’t that charming? Together the three of them find their way forward in life. I am avoiding giving away plot details, but let me tell you, now I know why Berg is read by so many people. There is another book by her, "Night of Miracles" that has some of the same characters in it, and is a sequel, which I want to read.
You won't believe what I just did. I ordered a cat house with a heated floor for my cat who sleeps on my patio. The photo above is what the house looks like. I live in California so it is not all that cold but she is aging, like me, and the heated pad will be comfy for her, I hope. My sons and I think that my dog will take naps in it during the day. The pad only heats when a cat or dog sits on it, a clever feature. An important feature that I learned about when researching before buying is that a cat house needs front and back doors so your cat can not be trapped in it. Both doors are clear plastic and the back door only opens outwards.
I will post photos of my kitty in her new house in future, when she gets in. So far she is not interested or definitely cautious.
What's new at your house, in your life?
P.S. Added Nove. 24. My cat Fluffy discovered her heated cat house on Thanksgiving and slept in it that night and she finds it warm and cozy.