Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Happy List part two

On July 8, 2013 I posted some things that make me happy, as part one.
This angel is one of my favorite treasures, which my sister bought for me at a rummage sale years ago, probably in a church. Angel is made from an old hymnal and survived being mailed from Wisconsin to me in California. Her dress is made from the folded hymnal pages.

I buy things that make me smile and put them in my garden. Here is my Dancing Seagull from Goodwill.

Yes, friends. They are the flowers in our garden of life. Thanks Sparkles for this suggestion.

I collect quotes, poems and Scripture and can find one to fit any occasion perfectly. Often I find quotes when reading blogs, and add them to my collection. I also collect words that make me smile and that are new to me. A British blog friend says she "took a bimble" and I like that word, it means a stroll, often with no particular purpose, but in a friendly manner. Another British word I learned from Sparkles is "naff", which means unstylish or lacking in taste, or as a verb "to goof off".

A gentle breeze, and sometimes a brisk one, is always appreciated by me, especially on a warm or hot day. Sometimes heaven gets my attention with the touch of a breeze on my face and I even wrote a poem about that.
I walk along the ocean several times a week and there is always the kiss of a breeze on even the hottest day.     

I walk along the ocean two or three times a week. Walking is good for my body and my soul. There is a "little free library" three blocks from our home and sometimes I stop on my walk and donate a book or two. Do you have a little free library? They are handmade little boxes on posts, people put them in their front yards near the sidewalk, they hold about 20 books and you can take or donate a book. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy week, roses, peppers, skunk

Some recent photos I took.
Pink and white roses, peppers our neighbor grew, and a young skunk drinking water in a blurred photo taken through the sliding glass doors. All photos from this week at our house.
Some happy events from my week: yesterday our oldest son treated me to lunch downtown. I had spicy chicken mole (no, not the animal mole, LOL, it is pronounced mo lay and is a chocolate and spices Mexican sauce), fancy polenta cooked in a pie type crust with whole kernels of corn in it and a lightly dressed mixed lettuce salad with pepitas in it. I watched two of my friends sing and dance in our local Follies, songs from the 1930s and 40s and a patriotic tribute appreciated all the more since it was on Sept. 11.  Publishers sent me a copy of The Gem magazine which arrived at my house, with my poem "She Walked Alone" in it, and a check. The July 20, 2014 issue.
The weather is great too, from 70 to 85, so I am counting my blessings. And when God sends rain I will count that as another huge blessing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Garden Poem and a Book

Oh God above
send us showers,
send us sunlight.
We plant promising seeds
encased in their hard shells,
and they reach up to you.

The above is a garden prayer poem I wrote today.
Do you gardeners have blogger Jan Johnson's new book titled "Heaven is a Garden"?
Her blog is Serenity in the Garden
This book is a treasure to hold and to read.
One small section is Create a Dew Garden. What a creative idea. Jan writes about "a dewdrop garden of roses." That is just one of a wide array of ideas she shares.