Monday, August 27, 2018

Poems in my neigbhor's yard and my husband

The photo above is of a poetry holder in my neighbor's yard. Isn't that a brilliant idea? He or she changes the poems about once a month and they are always a treat to read as Bounce and I take our walks.
Below is a favorite poem, not from the neighbor's posting, but one I like. Today would have been my husband Will's 71st birthday and I am thinking of him and how his candle glowed amidst the winds of life.

I know that I have life
​​​​​​​only insofar as I have love.
​​​​​​​I have not love
​​​​​​​except it comes from Thee.
​​​​​​​Help me, please, to carry
​​​​​​​this candle against the Wind.
written by ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wendell Berry

Monday, August 13, 2018

Cat napping, bureau I painted and star gazer lily, all on patio

Here is my cat Fluffy napping on my patio near a large zucchini from my garden, a star gazer lily growing in a pot, and the bureau I painted. Just things from my days on the patio.
The above photo shows the old bureau which looks fine as knotty pine but heirloom white fits with the bed frame and nightstand so I did a painting project and changed the color to white.

Note in the second photo above the can of Rustoleum Heirloom White satin spray paint for the top coat (I used two cans) and the Zinsser 123 Bulls Eye water based Primer (I used half a quart, with brush and roller and several coats). Both of these dried quickly and the spray paint gave a nice smooth coat. Before I began I used tack cloth which I had not used before and it seems a great thing to use before painting as it picks up tiny things which would mar the paint.
Above is the completed bureau which was knotty pine before.
I have had these lilies several years growing in a pot on my patio, I think they are star gazer lilies.
Flowers always get me to smile, what about you? I hope you like these lilies.
P.S. For you who noticed my previous post about my root canal, the follow up visit was gentle and no pain afterward. With the first root canal appointment when the roots/nerves were removed I was in pain afterward and stayed home for three days. The pain pills were to take every eight hours and they only worked for three hours, ouch. I also could take one or two Tylenol, and in addition took antibiotics for 7 days to prevent infection. The good news is I feel great now! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The pain of root canal and the joy of the garden

Hi friends, I had a root canal done last Thursday, July 26 and brother, for 3 days I was in pain. The pain med that I could take every 8 hours worked for 3 hours and then for 5 hours I was hurting. Round the clock. Anyway, poor poor me, I am feeling much better today. In mid-August I go in for part two, which consists of the specialist dentist (endodontist) checking her work and sealing it up if all is well. So think good thoughts for me.

I decided to balance this pity party with some favorite garden quotes. There are so many, thousands really. Above photo is Canterbury Bells from my garden a few years ago. I like all bell flowers, and well, all flowers.
Here is a garden quote by a man after my own heart, William Coles, who wrote in 1657 "A house though otherwise beautiful, yet if it hath no garden belonging to it is more like a prison than a house."
I enjoy my twice daily walks with Bounce and love the variety of gardens we see, but once in a while I see a sad front yard with no plants or trees or flowers and think it could do with some sprucing up.
Sir Robert Lorimer wrote in On Scottish Gardens, in 1898 "A garden is a sort of sanctuary, a chamber roofed by heaven ... to wander in, to cherish, to dream through undisturbed ... a little pleasaunce of the soul, by whose wicket the world can be shut out."
Don't you love that word "pleasaunce"?
Above is a bonus photo of Bounce, also called Wonder Dog, Prince, Mr. Bounce, Bouncey and Bouncer. You can see by his shirt he likes flowers too.
Usually when I am in my garden I find it so soothing, peaceful and pretty that I live in the now at those moments, and find plenty of things to do. At this summer time of the year I cut off spent flowers and do some watering and soak in the beauty. Oh that new yellow rose I planted, what a lovely color.
 "A chamber roofed by heaven", I like that.