Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poem Gardeners Will Appreciate

I read a poem I love, and I hope you like it too.
The author is Robert McDowell and he gave me his permission to post it here.

I remember running into his house on Ocean View,
Full of myself as usual, chattering on and on
About all of the important things I'd done that day.

George sat in a red wingback chair and listened,
Never interrupting, like a man serenely waiting out a storm.
When I ran out of things to brag about he said,

"Today I planted a single row of beans."
I felt so warm and foolish as he smiled.
I felt calmer, centered, good!

The poet's website is and his most recent book is "Poetry As Spiritual Practice: Reading, Writing and Using Poetry in Your Daily Rituals, Aspirations and Intentions". I haven't read it but it sounds excellent.


Anonymous said...

Dear Terra, What a delightful poem and such a wonderful choice for a posting appropriate to the start of a new season in the garden. But, oh dear, one does recognise oneself, and sadly not as the man in the red winged armchair. It is so true that we must all try to focus on the simple things of life which are, of course, the most significant and important.

Thank you so much for posting me good wishes prior to my recent break. Such kindnesses do not pass unnoticed. My warmest wishes to you for a very happy Easter.

Jemi Fraser said...

I like that - great contrast between the characters - it puts a great picture in my head :)

lakeviewer said...

Lovely poem. Thanks for the link.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

stopping by to say thanks for all your kind words and means alot

sending Easter Love to you, my sweet friend,


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Terra dear,

Thank you for the wonderful book, which I will start tonight, and thank you for the toffee recipe. It looks so yummy and doable for even the youngest chef (like my grands).

Yes, we ended up driving about 2400 miles roundtrip. My son takes care of my plants when I am traveling, which is often. He has the proverbial Green Thumb.
My grandchildren now help. They each have their own watering cans etc. They love it here.

Yes, the chicken tractor was tres fabu.

All joys to you and thanks for the read. When I am finished it will go into our new venture, a literary "hotel" above an old apothecary store in Damariscotta, Maine. It will be furnished with comfy sofas and chairs, good reading lights, folk art, and of course-BOOKS!


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting, Terra. I really like this poem as well. It put a smile on my face.

A beautiful Easter to you, your loved ones and all visitors reading this. ;)

Amrita said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Happy Easter

Vicki said...

What a lovely poem! I must check out that site sometime soon. A blessed Easter to you and yours...our dear Papa passed away so he spends Resurrection Day in heaven for all eternity!


That is a great poem. There is something about getting your hands in the dirt and connecting with nature. We will plant flowers and vegies in our garden this year.

JC said...

Reminded me of Dad.

Leann said...

What a great poem to share. Thanks for the link too!

Hope that you had a wonderful Easter!

Romeo said...

Hi Terra!

Thank you for visiting my blog so that I could find you! I LOVE to spend time in the flower garden and so will look forward to stopping by often to visit yours! Gardens and flowers are always so much nicer when the owner LOVES kitties such as myself!

BTW - "She" wants you to know that she REALLY enjoyed this poem!! Thank you so much for sharing - it made her happy to read it and that means I get an extra snack for finding it ;)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Romeo and "her"