Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asparagus about to be baked

Asparagus about to be baked
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Ssshhh, don't tell my dh but I am on an asparagus mission.
I aim to buy asparagus tomorrow (Monday), and for the first time, bake it on a cookie sheet with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.
Have you done this? If so, I appreciate tips.
I am guessing 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.
Anyway, people tell me this is a delicious way to prepare asparagus. The way I cook it so far is to steam it on the stove top.
Now a friend told me that she bakes portabello mushrooms and Japanese eggplant in the same manner, slicing the long eggplant lengthwise before cooking and placing the cut side down on the cookie sheet so that it carmelizes a bit.
Does this sound as delicious to you as it does to me?


Queenmothermamaw said...

My daughter makes it all the time. That oven sounds right to me. She sometimes puts juliette (spelling?) strips of red pepper on it. I bet he likes it after he has a chance to smell it and gets a taste.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I do bake asparagus. Of course I take the utritional value down by wrapping it in prosciutto then adding a little pepper and drizzle it in olive oil. I bake it for about 15 min at 350.

The Queen is Martha Stewart. :)

Terra said...

Oh Queenmothermamaw, strips of red pepper would be gorgeous and rather Christmasy in color.
And wrapping in prosiutto, Laura, sounds fabulous. I must try these two ideas.
And now I know who the Queen is ;)
Thanks ladies.

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. You blessed me today.

I have cooked asparagus in the oven. I cook it on 400 degrees for about 20 min. First I put 1-2 TBLS. of olive oil, fresh garlic and a little parmesan cheese on it, stir it to coat it and then place it in the oven.


Cassandra Frear said...

One of my husband's favorite vegetables.We braise ours in a small amount of water in a non-stick pan on the stovetop.

BumbleVee said...

I"ve baked other veggies..and love potatoes done in a bit of oil and salt and pepper...but, never asparagus. Last night I tossed some asparagus on top of meatballs and tomato sauce (lid on) while the spaghetti was cooking et voila...steamed but, with vapours of the sauce...mmmmmm......

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love, love, love asparagus and we eat it all the time. I either steam it or use it in stir fry mostly. It's heavenly in quiche as well!!

Terra said...

I tried this and it is delicious, and inspired by Laura, I wrapped each stalk in a 2 inch wide slice of prosciuto, and basted them with olive oil.
We will have this with our Christmas dinner; I tried it in November first, to see how to cook it before the big day, of December 25.