Friday, May 29, 2020

New things for me, my mask, Instacart and more

Above is the new pottery I treated myself to, which was hand painted in Mexico by a family who has done that for 30 years. The pot is large, the biggest I could find and is flat on the back so it will hang on my fence outside a window. If you buy this type of pot be sure to find one with a drain hole on the bottom, for some strange reason, most pots in this style lack that. And see the cute Chihuahua pillow? I bought that the first Christmas Bounce joined my family.
I have noticed new things in my life since the lockdown. Here are some of them:
Wearing a mask outside when in public.
A year ago would you have believed you would wear a mask when outside near other people? No way. Masks used to be used by bank robbers, probably still are.
How glamorous is this? Ha ha. I like this style of mask, which looks like a sleeve, because there are no ties behind the ears and it is easily pulled down and worn around my neck. See photo below with mask pulled down around my neck, handy at a moment's notice. If you search online to buy one, a term used by sellers is rave masks. Anyone else like women's tops from Jess and Jane? The ones I buy, including this turquoise floral one, are 100 percent cotton and made in the USA.

Using Zoom
I had never used Zoom until this crisis and I think increased use of Zoom and similar programs will continue. It could have a good effect because people will drive less often to business meetings, hang outs with friends, school meetings, etc. One thing that irks me is that well known environmentalists and politicians schedule big conferences on saving the environment and fly hundreds of people from all over the planet to meetings. Teleconferencing would be much less polluting, listen up people! That would be a good change going forward, not just during lock down. I joined my first environmental group when I was eleven, it was called Defenders of Fur Bearers, and focused on protecting coyotes from being poisoned and trapped and I am still a member of that group albeit it has a new name Defenders of Wildlife.
I attend our once a month book discussion group, our weekly church group which usually met right after church, and friends had a birthday party for me, all on Zoom.

Cleaning in my house in a new way 
Feel free to laugh at the photo above, my life has some boring aspects to it these days.
Since I am home almost all day I have noticed things in my house; I saw that my stainless steel kitchen sink, which is only two years old, looked less bright than it used to. If I didn't have all this time home I would not have noticed this; no matter how carefully I cleaned it, it looked a bit shabby.
So I ordered some Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner, Perfect Sink, used it, and am pleased how the sink looks renewed. I had never before thought of such a product. So that is a bit of a plus.
Ordering Groceries Online and having them delivered to my door using Instacart
Services like Instacart will continue to be used by many people after the crisis, especially by our aging population. It has a cost but saves me big in time and in driving, and I am at the age where I am supposed to not go in stores during the crisis so this is an all around good service for me. Instacart includes a tip in my bill, the standard tip is 5 percent and I give tip of 10 percent. The delivery is no contact, and they wear masks and disposable gloves, for their safety and mine.
Going for 10 weeks and more with only me in my house
Well that is not happy! Most of the time it is just me in the house, and I am excited when my adult sons visit me. I will love when I can give my favorite friends and family hugs and see them in person. My dog Bounce reminds me that he is here in the house with me, so I am not alone. A loyal dog. A prayer I am saying more often recently is "I am not alone. God is with me. He is my protector. He is all powerful, and no problem is too big for Him."
Searching online for cleaning supplies
Toilet paper, masks, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves and paper towels. After this crisis when supplies are available I will order enough to have supplies on hand. It is frustrating that some people are hoarding these supplies in large quantities! I am almost out of disinfectant wipes and have read about some alternatives involving hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. In a comment Lin asked about the wipes; I use Lysol or Clorox Disinfectant Wipes that kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria; guidelines from many sources recommend using them to wipe frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, refrigerator door handles, TV remote controls, exterior packaging of foods (for example, plastic bags that hold loaves of bread and plastic wrapped around packaged cheese), etc. and that is what I have been doing. Also car door handles, gear shifts and steering wheels if I have been driving where people are. I am a senior citizen so am being extra careful.
Some positive results of this pandemic
Junk phone calls have almost disappeared
I keep a landline phone and usually get 25 junk calls a week. I don't pick them up, they usually hang up when they reach my answering machine. Now the spam call centers seem to be shut down, since I am only getting about 7 junk calls a week on my landline. I am also getting less junk paper mail.

Dogs are happy
Above is Bounce and his new Crocodile toy. Dare I tell you that the first day he got the toy, Crocodile lost a front leg!
So many dog owners are home and bonding with their dogs. I see people walking their dogs, keeping a proper social distance from other people, all around my neighborhood. I think all this time spent with dogs shifts people's perspective in a good way. Dogs notice everything in the minute, which is very meditative. On each walk I pray prayers of protection and of thanksgiving as I see beauty around me.
Have you noticed anything to add to this list?


Junkchiccottage said...

Awww little Bounce is a cutie. Buddy is like that with his toys too. They usually lose an appendage in the first day lol! It is crazy we are wearing masks to live life outside the house but let's hope this will not be forever. Have a great weekend.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Hey just a couple ideas for you. Grove Collaborative on line only, usually has all those supplies you are looking for. They are an environmentally friendly company and if they run out they get back in stock quickly. I like them a lot.

Also the next time you get a landline get one with a block feature. Any time you want to block a number you just hit block, and the next time they try to call they either only get one ring or don't get thru at all. Now my cable company has added block calling also so I only get a few that sneak in but I only answer those calls that have a name I know attached anyway.

Stay safe <3

Laurie said...

I relate to every one of them! Though I haven't used Zoom yet, haven't figured it out so that on has to be added for me. With me, I'm spending more time in nature, and love listening to the birds. We don't know how long this will last, but do like some things better now.

Unknown said...

I'm doing yard and garden work. Good exercise and nice to see tasks accomplished. Bounce looks quite content. Corgi's have a great personality. Smart and commanding - the ones I have met. One I knew used to keep all the big dogs in line. So funny. I think we all look forward to getting back to normal. This social distancing is not pleasant at all. Friends and family are greatly missed. Zoom works incredibly well but it is not the same as meeting up with friends and family. Nice blog. I'd like to follow. Thank you, Susan

Debby said...

Yes, the animals are loving it.

Mevely317 said...

Good stuff! I've not seen those big pots, but will keep my eyes peeled. (We've never had much luck growing in the past, but I'm eternally optimistic.) I've not heard of "Jess and Jane' but will be Googling them here in a bit. Unfortunately, I've but one casual top with long sleeves, but it's not cotton. Rave masks, too. Love how clever folks are making the best of a somber situation. Have a great weekend!

Rian said...

You covered it pretty well, Terra. I'd never done these things like Zoom, Skype, or order groceries online before this Pandemic. So we have learned a few things too and I think people are even being nicer for the most part. And I am making masks for family and friends, making them, wearing them - all part of the new normal!

Jean said...

Yes zoom and a mask new here too. No instacart though all the major supermarkets do deliver for a price but getting a slot is virtually impossible at the moment unless you are on the governments vulnerable and shielding list. The new slots come on at 12 midnight so not an option for me.

Lin said...

Isn't it funny all the new things we have learned in this pandemic? New skills, new ways of communicating, coping and making do.

I bought a stack of microfiber towels in the automotive section at Target. They come in an 8 pack. They are a godsend when it comes to cleaning and not using paper products. I was using them before the lockdown and it really saved us when we couldn't find paper towels.

I don't understand the bleach wipe thing. What are you all using them for? Don't you have cleaning products like granite cleaner, lysol/pine sol, etc for wiping surfaces? We don't have bleach wipes and I don't really have a need for them. We wash our hands with soap when we return from the outside...and then from there, I just clean as usual. This one has me stumped.

Glad you are doing well in spite of being there alone. My son is alone and we all call him, ZOOM him, and play online games to keep him connected. I know how lonesome it can be. AND he doesn't have a little dog friend like Bounce to keep him company. Thank goodness for Bounce!

Glad you are well!

Shug said...

We definitely are experiencing a new way of living. For the most part, our area is beginning to settle down and people are going on with their lives. I've never used Zoom, but my daughters (both are teachers) have been on zoom almost everyday with their school. Hope you have a great weekend.

Anne's Phamilyblog said...

Hi! Your new pottery piece is quite lovely. The chihuahua pillow is so sweet. We have a house full of long haired Chihuahua's. So it caught my eye. I am constantly searching for made in the USA clothing. Your top is cute and the color is perfect for the warmer weather. I am very happy I stopped by. Always appreciate your visits too. Have a blessed weekend. HUGS across the miles

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have definitely been even more thankful for places to walk! We have a preserve that stayed open this whole time with very few people there. It's close to our house too so that makes it even better. It's been nice to order groceries to pick up at Walmart. And today I went to a family owned farm that opened a farmer's mkt up at their farm. YAY for fresh produce! Love your mask. That's a great idea! I'm going to look for those clothes too! Hugs!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I love that pretty pot from Mexico, I bet it will look lovely outside your window. We use InstaCart as well as we are both seniors - it has worked very well and the shoppers (all different so far have been excellent, HOWEVER, I only noticed on with a mask and none with gloves.) They do drop and run. We also give a larger tip for the convenience.

The Weaver of Grass said...

No one has been inside my house for the last ten weeks and I agree it is a very strange feeling. Also, with only me around, it doesn't get all that dirty.

Marie Smith said...

I realize how little I really need in my life. Other than food, I have enough things to last the rest of my life. I will buy less than I ever did.

Ann said...

I'm not familiar with Jess and Jane but I like that top so I'll have to go look them up.
I refuse to wear a mask outside. I will wear one while in stores but once I get outside it comes off. Of course I'm not standing around in groups of people either

LC said...

Except for drives with Hubby into the country to introduce a bit of variety, I am rarely away from home during this time so I rarely wear a mask. I may have to order your style mask. The regular ones affect my vision which affects my balance. The new pottery piece is lovely.

Mari said...

So true, that there are some good things coming out of this.
I too had never used Zoom, but we have done family calls with it and loved it/
Also - less spam on the phone and in the mail is a good thing.
You look cute! Nice mask and top.

Linda said...

Life in the country hasn't changed much but it is really different in the city.
While we were at the ranch I didn't even think about Covid 19. Now that we are back - I do.
The quads will be 8 years old on Sunday and there will be no big birthday party as there usually is. I'm really tired of all this but I know everyone else is too.
Next Friday I am going to see my sister and brother. In her house! We will sit at the table together and eat a meal and talk. I will never take a visit like that for granted again!

Granny Marigold said...

That very colourful Mexican pot will look great no matter where you hang it. Very cheery which is what we all can do with these days. Keep well.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Love your top and mask. I think this winter the scarf pull up mask will be popular.
I notice more and more people not wearing a mask or face shield. It's sad they don't get it.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you've shared the changes in your life, Terra, both positive and negative. I'm in the same position many times. I did Instacart several times but it was an insane service cost even after I joined the yearly program. I loved the people who filled and delivered my groceries, but sometimes the fresh items were subpar and I missed the whole experience. I recently started to shop myself, with a mask and gloves, and it is rarely crowded and people are always respectful of others, so I'm comfortable with that.

I am reserving the few bottles of Lysol and Clorox sprays I have. Instead, I mix a little bit of bleach in a bucket and use it in all of my cleaning, especially wiping down surfaces. Soap and water works just as efficiently. Soap breaks down the molecules of germs and keeps them from spreading, then they are gone. So little is known. Dial soap is also antibacterial and I ordered a good supply from Amazon at the start of this pandemic and we use it for hand washing.

Sending all the best. Love to that cutie Bounce for all of the company he provides. Please come for a visit. I've not been posting regularly but I'm still here!


Betsy said...

This has definitely made us make changes in our lives hasn't it? Masks, I've also used Zoom for the first time, ordered groceries online several times and rarely go to a physical store. I long for life to return to normal but also fear it never will.
I know our Chloe loves being with me all of the time.

Margaret D said...

That is a long time in ones house 10 weeks and not being with a human but you have your little dog and what a blessing that is.
Interesting you wrote about what you found and did in your home.
It's similar here on this Island or was as we haven't had any cases for 14 days, hoping that will continue but you just don't know.
Take care.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

You've certainly made a wonderful list and it has helped me to think about some better ways of doing things. I like your mask idea, although I wonder how hot it would be around my neck. Here in Florida it is getting quite warm and humid, and that mask, although simple and I like it, looks like it would be too warm for me. However, I do have some old t-shirts that I don't wear because of stains on the front, that I could cut out the sleeves and try that idea. It might work, and the cotton would be cooler. We live in a small town and our grocery store is very close and convenient and never crowded, so we still do our shopping there in person. I have not been back to Walmart in over three months, and I don't miss it at all. We may be paying a little more for some items here locally, but it's worth it to me to not have the struggle of waiting in line to enter the store and walking only one direction, etc. Although I do miss just being able to walk around and look at things as I shop. I think I am saving money now! Love your doggie! I know Bounce is good company for you. What a blessing! Thank you for this lovely post full of good information! I enjoyed it!

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Olga said...

Yes, there are benefits -- a boost to the health of the planet its non-human inhabitants high among them.

CHERI said...

Terra, first of all, thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. It's always nice to "meet" someone new. Sorry the first post you come over to though is a downer!!! But I imagine most of us are having some down days in these times. I loved reading your post and wanted to comment on some of your points so here goes (sorry, I can be long-winded!!!) 1. Love your top! Never heard of J&J but definitely am going to look them up. 2. I recently used ZOOM for the first women's Bible study group:) Interesting, and so nice to have during this time, but sure do prefer "in person." 3. About cleaning supplies...I am going to be trying something new. A friend has started selling NORWEX products. I'd never heard of them and I usually don't let myself get snookered into buying stuff like this, but when she demonstrated these products I was simply amazed. Too long to go into but you might want to look it up. Very environmentally friendly and supposed to work better than Lysol, etc. with JUST WATER!!! 4. Yes, some positive things (not many) of all this mess going on...hadn't thought about fewer robo calls, but you are right:) Anyway, I'll shut up now! Please come visit again!

Tom said...

Yeah, I just read that robocalls are down by over 50% since the coronavirus reared its ugly head. A silver lining. . .

Debbie said...

i would never laugh at anything you write. i actually really enjoyed this post, i found it really interesting. there is always a silver lining to everything, finding it is fun. today, i wrote about not minding the pandemic - the parts of it i enjoy, i have more thoughts, like yours, scheduled for tomorrow!! i use "peapod" for home food delivery and i love it!! zoom is new to me also but that is how i have been meeting with friends!!!

Debbie said...

ooooh and yes, no robocalls!!!!

dori said...

Dear Terra, I like the pictures of you! The dog is lovely! You have a fine way of life. Inspirations!!!!

Many greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

Mrs R said...

Instacart continues to be worth every penny for us. We never used it before. I have found that upgrading to Instacart Plus (or whatever it is called) has been worth it. For $9.99 a month, the deliveries are free and the other charge (not the tip the other one) is less as well. Love your mask. So much better than those ones that go around your ears or tie. I am so thankful for our dear pets. They definitely are sweet company for us!

Buttercup said...

Just had our synagogue annual meeting via Zoom. I'm not the biggest fan of Zoom, but appreciate that it's kept me connected to so many parts of my life. I've just joined my Yoga class via Zoom and that's been a great addition to my life. I had signed up for an online delivery service in October and I used it once a month for "extras," but now it's a life saver. They deliver once a week and I get so excited looking forward to both ordering and delivery. Amazingly though I'm still getting robo calls, and now I'm home almost all of the time to actually hear the pitches. Loved your card. Thanks!

Retired Knitter said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto. All are true for me as well.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I honestly have to say that I have not been effected too much by the Stay at Home order in our state...Since I stopped working over a year ago, that was pretty much what I had been doing, enjoying being able to finally stay home and enjoy my home!! Joe is the one who has been out working in a grocery store because he chose to continue working part time in his retirement. So he has continued to do all the shopping like he did previously. The only difference was that our oldest son moved back in with us for a short time so he would not be alone 24/7 as he was working at home. He is now back at his apartment up the street, coming here for dinner and to spend time in the evening and on the weekends...
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for letting me know that you did by leaving a comment!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

There are positives to every situation. I am so thankful to have a sweet Labradoodle and a comfortable home during this time. We love our walks and bike rides, too.

Jeanie said...

I've had many of these same thoughts and observations and have done many of these things myself. But one I hadn't thought of and you are spot on is the number of junk calls. You're right -- hardly any!

Barb said...

Hi Terra~
I love your mask, and your top,
cute! I love that it's made in the USA. Your pot is so pretty, you need to post a photo of it hanging on the fence, such a cute idea.

Corona virus has certainly changed our lives. I too notice things around my house that I would have never even seen a few months ago, and by the way your sink looks lovely,

We have been using, Zoom, but I'm not sure I love it, it seems like it never works quite the way it should. And yes, I think it's a great alternative for big companies to save the environment! We do a scripture study group with Zoom and it works pretty good once everyone figures it out...that would be me.

Cleaning products are almost non-existent in my area, we even have a hard time finding dish soap, it's getting a little crazy. I wish that people will slow down a little on hoarding so that others can have what they need as well.

My prayer is also for comfort, peace and healing...our country needs to heal.

Take care, Terra!

Hugs and Love,

Pom Pom said...

There ARE good things, aren't there? I think not wearing make up is good for my skin. I don't wash my face at night; I put cream on it. People feel great love for each other and can't wait to hug again. That's wonderful, right?
I love your mask and now I'm going to order a few. Cute shirt, too.
God be with you, good Terra!

Leaon Mary said...

Good morning Terra....
Loved visiting you this morning... and seeing the beautiful yellow roses... and your sweet Bounce by your side. What a cute lil guy he is. Dogs are such wonderful friends aren't they? Your mask looks like it works great... I have a couple "buffs" that are made the same way.
Well have a beautiful day and stay safe,.... Lea <*(((><

Marilyn Miller said...

That is about it for us all. I will admit I do go to the market myself with mask on and scrub when I get home. The stainless steel cleaner sounds like a good one.

Kay said...

I’m so glad you have Bounce to keep you company. Your mask looks stylish and fun but might be hot for Hawaii. I haven’t tried the grocery delivery or curbside pick up yet. So far our infection numbers were pretty good in Hawaii. It’s starting to change now with the relaxing of rules and the Memorial Day parties. said...

I love how we are learning new things during this unusual time. I think touch is the thing I miss the most. I am thankful for my furry friends who are tolerant of my need to have more lap time at this lonely time. You are amazing how you are zooming and instacarting. I have not mastered the online shopping yet other than too many Amazon boxes showing up on my doorstep.
Your pot and blouse are beautiful. I prefer the gasket or sleeve masks as well. Less ear impact on those.