Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Happy Day at Our House: Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers
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Yes, we are Packer backers and had a family super bowl gathering at our house.
Super Bowl XLV was very exciting and you may have heard me cheering, even from miles away.
I grew up in Wisconsin and attended many games at the Packers Lambeau Field. Since my dad covered the game as a sports editor for a paper, we didn't have to wait in line to get in, and I even visited the press box, up high, a few times.
So when I moved to California I remained true to my team.
Well done guys!
Next step is I am looking for a super bowl champions sweatshirt for me.


farmlady said...

Congratulations! Green Bay Packers Rock.
Good game!

Star said...

Congratulations Terra! Upstairs from Larry and I, they were supporting the other side but it went rather quiet at the end!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Terra... thank you so much for visiting me and meeting "Tess"... I just love people who love animals!... xoxo Julie Marie

Donnie said...

How exciting. I'm glad your team won.

Simply Debbie said...

Dear Terra,
Thanks for stopping by to see me is funny what our names mean but yours being earth, you are doing a lot for me but the earth would be in trouble without the bees to pollinate...we are a team...
Simply Debbie
we have been being hammered with snow and bitterly cold at 7 degrees and windchills are frigid and the wind gusts are from 10 to 50 mph.In a little town 20 miles from us, they already had 22 inches by 0500 this morning...we have not seen this much snow in a few years...this at least is better than the ice storms we receive.

Maria I. Morgan said...

How cool that your Dad was a sports editor and you were able to get in to games early! My husband was rooting for the Packers, too! Have a great week, Terra!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! We enjoyed the game on tv too.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hey, I am a Packer's girl too. I adore Wisconsin and have spent a bit of time there.

Sending love and congrats to all us fans,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Marydon said...

G'morn Terra ~
Hubby picked the underdog ... that was one heck of a great game!

Happy Valentine's sweet friend ~
Have a beautiful day ~
Hugs, Marydon

tina said...

Hi Terra, I'm so glad your team won. My husband said it was a good game. I can't remember what I was doing but it was not watching the Superbowl:(

Skeeter said...

We too were pulling for the Packers! It was a really good game but at times, I must admit we were on the edge of our seats....

Rose said...

I'm a Bears fan, but I was hoping the Packers won. We've been to Green Bay a few times, and I remember long ago visiting the Packer Museum while the team was practicing. We even saw Bart Starr! Unfortunately, I missed the whole Super Bowl because I was flying home at the time, but our pilot kept us updated on the score:)

Thanks for visiting me, and I hope you'll stop by again!

Nezzy said...

Congrats to your team.

Ya'll have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Celestial Charms said...

Congratulations Terra. I was rooting for the Packers too, since the Steelers had beaten my beloved NY Jets! Yeah Packers!