Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stay cool my friends

Best swimming pool in South East Asia - Vinpearl
Originally uploaded by 99 James Kieran Nguyen

Hi all, any of you in a heat wave please have a cool moment looking at this blue water. Can you find a pool or run through a sprinkler, or sit in an air conditioned theater to cool down?
I know it is 113 degrees in Los Angeles, and supposedly 100 where I live, but it is a mere 94 on the patio at my house and ocean breezes are cooling us down.
To imagine 113 degrees and no electricity for fans or air conditioning is frightening. We don't have air conditioning but we love our fans!
One cooling trick I use is I water our garden while wearing flip flops and then spray my feet with cool water from the garden hose. Ah, refreshing.
So I am sending COOL thoughts to any friends who are too warm.


Anonymous said...

I heard too that it is very hot in California and I have been thinking about everyone there. It has finally gotten cooler here in Arkansas. I like spraying me feet with the water too when I have the hose out watering plants and grass, feels soooo good. Stay cool. Hugs

lakeviewer said...

How about a cool 67 degrees up here on the Oregon Coast? In reality, it feels like the high 70's because there is no wind yet. Sorry to hear about your heat wave.

Amrita said...

Its cooler here now as autumn is aproaching, bu t the day time is still hot. I 'd love to wade in th e water. I don 't know how to swim.

Jean said...

That pool looks so inviting! Ahhhhh!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you, I needed that!

GardenofDaisies said...

OMG It is still so hot where you are!! We are having such pleasant weather here now and I LOVE it after the horrible heat of the summer.

Anonymous said...

The water looks wonderful! We are finally cooling off after a record-setting summer. That is such a cute story you shared about your Aunt. Often folks ask me how to spell my name and I say "mild red!" Have a great evening.

Glenda said...

Hope the temps cool down some soon! Must be quite miserable! It's finally getting cooler here in Louisiana, and I'm loving it!

I saw your funny comment about your Aunt Mildred on Mildred's blog and just had to check out yours!