Friday, July 23, 2010

Terra's Twitter Tips

People have asked me how to use Twitter and how to gain followers, and one friend called me Twitter Queen, so I just knew I had to write some tips to share with her, and with any of you who are on Twitter and are Twitter Princesses.
Here are some ways to increase the number of your twitter followers and to find people who share your interests.
When you find a tweeter that you like, follow them and visit their profile, which shows icons for each person that they follow. Click on icons and see if you like the person and then follow them. This technique works great when you follow a friend since you can see who they follow and consider following some of the same people.
When you read a tweet that mentions another tweeter e.g. @terragarden click on them and if you like them follow them.
Use the hatch mark when you post a tweet, e.g. Today I planted a lemon tree #lemon #garden
This allows people to find your tweet when they search #garden or #lemon in the search box.
If you are looking for more folks to follow, use the search box and the # symbol with topics you like. #fantasy #novel #Christian #Avatar
It is ideal to post at least a few times a week.
I sometimes use so I can post tweets ahead of time. If you are going on vacation this is very useful, or if you have a theme you want to post about in advance.
Ask a question like “I’m going to visit England, what is your favorite site to see in Cornwall?” or “what is recipe for eggplant parmesan?”
When a person follows you it is usually good to follow them back, and when a person follows you, you can send them a direct message which only they read.
I signed up so that each time someone follows me I get an email telling me that “xxx is following you”, so I can decide if I want to follow them back.
Retweet. When someone sends a tweet that you like select the “retweet” button and retweet it to all of your followers. Sometimes you really help people if their tweet says something like “my new book xxxx is released this month” or “my radio show at xxx about caring for children in summer is broadcast on xxxdate.”
Use #FF and #Followfriday in a post that lists some tweeters you recommend. Use the @ sign in front of their twitter name. #FF is done on Fridays.
To find out which tweeters you follow that don’t follow you, use The program will take a few minutes to check and then you can look at each person in this category and decide if you want to follow them or unfollow them. Use to find tweeters who follow you and you don’t follow. Some of these you will want to follow back.
I joined Facebook on July 22 (yesterday) and want to set it up so that each of my tweets and blog posts show up on my Facebook page. There is always more to do, and more to learn. I would love tips on starting out at Facebook.

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