Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Words

Five Random Words is a fun game that I saw on Teresa's Treasures
On her blog she gave her responses to Five Words, and sent me five random words.
Here are my five:
Happy. Overall I am one happy camper. Yes, sadness appears from time to time, but I count my blessings often. In fact, in church this Sunday we all paused to count our blessings. I hope your own list of blessings is as long as the Mississippi River and as deep as the Pacific Ocean.

Today. After church today I visited some blogs that are new to me and left comments.

Astounded. I am astounded by all the beauty I see around me, in my own wee garden and all around town. One neighbor has a front yard completely full of mulit-colored dahlias in full bloom, that are so pretty I stopped and took some photos which I will post here one of these days.

Baby. I gave birth to two delightful babies who grew up to be great young men. There are no babies in my life right now, but I do adore them, especially their perfect little fingers and toes, and their grand potential.

Finished. I am so disappointed when my favorite tv series finish, like Fire Fly. And they are hinting, only 1 more season of Monk and of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I will not cry but still, waah!

If you want to join in, and play this on your own blog, send me your email and I will give you five random words.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You did a GREAT JOB.....enjoyed reading your five.

Heart2Heart said...

I too can agree with you about Finished. Too often I get so caught up in the series and then they leave you with a great cliff hanger to make you wait all season for the answer.

Great list and so glad you took Teresa up on her offer to do the 5 words.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mimmy said...

There are three things I want to say. First, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my poem written for my friend, Ellie. Second, I love your blog. The color is striking and the posts are easy to read and very helpful. I love gardens but I'm afraid that the only gardens I'll be planting now will be with words. Third, I'm sending you an e-mail to get my five words. I think this is a wonderful game and words are among my favorite things. If you stop to think that it only took words for God to create everything in our universe it brings them to great importance.

God Bless,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great collection of 5! Well done.

K.M. Weiland said...

Fun game! And I *love* your pic for this post. Great find!

Sparkles said...

What a fun game and I loved your answers especially about the kids! Please send me five words so I can play! Sparkles

Queenmothermamaw said...

Thanks for stopping by my little neck of the woods. I am very pleased to meet you. I too love words. The first thing I do every morning is work the crossword puzzle and any that I can get my hands on. I will send an e-mail and try my luck on 5 words. You did a great job. Blessings

Becca's Dirt said...

Hey Terra - Thank you so much for the book "The Book That Made America". I can't wait to read it. You are so kind. I posted a link on my blog.

Send me 5 words and I'll play along.

Hope you have a fabulous day.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, thank you for visiting my cottage and for the sweet comment you left behind, much appreciated. I am here for a visit and must say you have an interesting blog and a new Please stop by to have tea with me from time to time.

Love & Hugs

My friends use to call me,Principessa!!

Rhonda said...

Love your 5 words list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hopefully I will be blogging again soon! Nice to meet you!

lynn'sgarden said...

Terra, what a fun idea with the 5 words! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving message so I could find you. Where are you in California? I grew up in O'side/Carlsbad area. Congrats on your published work...will try to read some of your archives this weekend. Nice to meet you!
p.s. I love asiatics too! Definitely hard to pick a favorite! Delphiniums come and go in my garden but they are easy to start and it IS a true blue shade ;)

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Terra~
What a fun post! And what a great photo for the five words theme. I love the word astounded and your reason for being astounded, we are all surrounded by beauty everyday.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on the hawk visit! I was so happy and relieved that it was released back into the wild.
Happy day!


Hi Terra,
The book arrived and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I hope to start reading it soon...still a little busy here...and then the computer or blogger was acting up.
Have a great weekend.
Deb :)

Mimmy said...

Terra - Just want you to know that I haven't forgotten about your "5". I've had a touch of a virus along with my other health issues but am feeling better. Besides that, my new laptop got here this week. I should be up and running soon and can "work" from my recliner.

God Bless,

Nezzy said...

A job well done on the five words you were given. I loved you commentary on them.

Thank you so much for droppin' in by blog and leaving a sweet comment. I hope ya'll come and visit frequently. Have a very blessed day!!!

Marja said...

Great blog Terra, I saw your post on Shoutlife and decided to visit you here. Thanks!