Friday, May 15, 2009

Watering Can

Watering Can
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I spent part of my garden gift certificate and bought a lovely galvanized steel watering can, or sprinkling can.
My new can is shiny now, and at the plant store they told me it will develop a protective dull patina and last a long time; the clerk still has her grandma's old can and it hasn't even rusted.
Hand watering gets us to focus on the plant and really give it a look-see, vs. automated systems.
Seedlings especially do well with the gentle sprinkling of water, don't you agree?


Kim and Victoria said...

I love hand watering my plants, especially the new ones. Then I can see how they're doing and you're right, feel connected to them. What a great looking can you chose.

Cathy Messecar said...

Terra, I had bought my mother a watering can from England at an antique store. It has a brass sprinkling head. A few years ago, before we knew she was ill (I think she knew), she gave it back to me. It sits at my back door, and helps me hand water my spearmint and zinias.

Love your can!