Monday, October 13, 2008

We can buy historic trees for our gardens

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Sometimes I find something wonderful and share it here; today I visited a website that allows gardeners to buy trees descended from famous trees.
At I found available for purchase many intriguing trees, including trees from the Southern Magnolia tree growing at Elvis Presley's Graceland. See photo.

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in the shade of a Live Oak tree in 1965 in Selma, Alabama and you can buy a descendant of that tree to grace your garden, in an homage to this gifted man. Henry David Thoreau's Red Maple from Walden Pond and a Live Oak from the Alamo are available, and the list is much longer than these I am mentioning now. There are categories for Adventurers, Women, African Americans, Authors, and many more.

George Washington planted two Tulip Poplars at Mount Vernon in 1785, and today they are alive and stand at one hundred feet tall. Their seeds produce trees that you can buy.
Betsy Ross has a Sycamore tree associated with her, Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address in the shade of a tree, and Andrew Jackson planted a Southern Magnolia tree in 1828 at the White House.

All of these trees and many more have descendant trees that we can buy and plant in our gardens. That would definitely be a thrill to watch it grow, and a living history lesson.
The Historic Tree Nursery is connected with American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation group in the United States.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Very creative idea...

Flower said...

What an interesting find! Magnolia trees grow so well in many areas!

Sparkles said...

I wonder what trees might we find from the time of Jesus? Sparkles

Fern said...

Neat! When I visited Oklahoma City, I learned that you can purchase seedlings from the "survivor tree" that survived the Oklahoma City bombing. That was kind of neat....

Terra Hangen said...

Fern, I love it when people leave comments and I learn something new.
I had not heard of that survivor tree.
Rebirth and regeneration and a symbol of hope.