Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weber Lamb Feast

Backyard Weber
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Did you have a lovely Labor Day? Our sons came over, and my husband cooked a boneless leg of lamb, seasoned with oregano, on our trusty Weber charcoal grill.

Thanks to those Australian lamb producers.
We cut the leg of lamb in to two portions, and froze the smaller portion. The 3 pound lamb took an hour to cook in the Weber, with left overs for our sons to take home.
We also enjoyed green beans sauteed in olive oil, soy sauce and chopped garlic, a mozzarela and tomatoes side dish with basil from the garden, and shrimp and cocktail sauce.
What were your Labor Day celebrations like?

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Sparkles said...

Yum your holiday sounded delicious! We had grilled burgers, macaroni salad, grilled vegetables, navy beans, and a doughnut with French Vanilla Ice cream and fresh plum juice drizzled over the top. I kept telling my girls to "take some food home" and by golly I was left with one serving!