Thursday, April 24, 2008

review of thriller with suspense and humor

I just finished reading this book, and want to share it with you. Melanie Wells captures her readers from the get go with Dylan Foster, a likeable heroine who knows she is not perfect, and a well crafted plot featuring a kidnapped child at the center of the doings, and compelling villains with creepy powers.
At a picnic, Nicholas, the son of Dylan’s friend, is kidnapped by a man in an old car or van. Plot twists are added by references to Peter Terry, a menacing figure from Dylan’s past, the sound of rattlesnakes in Dylan’s home, and troubling hard to understand visions by the heroine and her young friend, Christine.
As the perfect antidote to the terror of the kidnapping and frightening events, fear for the captive boy, and Christine under attack, readers are treated to Dylan’s thoughts, including “God has to smack me with his ruler on my desk to get my attention.”
The heroine is a compulsive sink cleaner, not one of my compulsions! When she hears the sound of a rattlesnake under her kitchen sink, she thinks “The sad truth is, if I paid as much attention to my soul as I do my sink, I would probably be a whole lot better off. My sink is pristine. My soul could use a can of comet and some elbow grease.”
This is an ideal thriller with a good dash of humor, and now I plan to read the other two Dylan Foster novels, the first one being “When the Day of Evil Comes.”


Trace & Terri said...

Terra that book sound great! I will have to make some time to try this new author. Thanks for the hint! Sparkles

Trace & Terri said...

Great review. Ter

Melanie Wells said...

Hey Terra. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to review My Soul to Keep! I'm so glad you liked it. Every writer loves for people to get what they're doing - that doesn't always happen with my offbeat style. So thanks for the plug! Let me know what you think of the first two!

Melanie Wells