Monday, March 24, 2008

National Wildlife Federation backyards for wildlife

Turn your backyard into a haven for wildlife

Do any of you readers have a backyard garden certified as a habitat by the National Wildlife Federation? I have been a NWF member for decades, and membership includes their great full color magazine.
The backyard habitat certication intrigues me; they have 70,000 yards signed up already. For only $15 they allow you to apply for certification, and will send you a certificate, a one year subscription to their magazine and your name/garden will be listed in their National Registry.
They also offer a yard sign you can proudly display, to get your neighbors excited too.
All info is at or call 1 800 822-9919


jodi said...

I turned our property, at least one part of it, into a certified monarch waystation last year by going through MonarchWatch, but I haven't done the wildlife certification yet because I haven't found an equivalent program through the Canadian Wildlife Federation. I may have to go the US route, if they'll have me. :-)It's all about supporting wildlife in any case, so I just might do that, as its a great way to inform others when they visit our gardens.

Kennisha Hill said...

What a lovely blog! I really enjoy your page. I also wanted to say thanks for your post on my blog. This will be my first completed manuscript- If I can get around to finishing it. Somethings can get in the way sometimes. But I am excited about what God has planned for me to do. It's great to meet another Christian Writer! It's awesome doing work for the Lord!

Keep in touch!

God Bless,

P.S., I really and truly love your blog. The flowers here are so gorgeous. You have a gift!

Take Care!

Tera Rose said... looks like we have quite a lot in common! Can I link? Love the blog- my children are calling me so I will need to read more later.

Tera is pen name...:)

Is it yours???

Kloggers said...

Hello - I found your blog address on another blog and thought I'd take a look. I wasn't disappointed - you have a lovely blog. Thank you for sharing it. Best Wishes from England.

Terra Hangen said...

Hi Tera Rose,
Yes, thanks for asking to link. Lets link. I will add your blog to my garden blogs list, and please add mine to your blog page.