Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Librarything.com, Interesting Book and Warm Lapdog

Calling all book lovers! For suggestions on books that may be ideal for you, consider a visit to a fun website at www.librarything.com

You don’t need to sign up or log in, just click on “search.”
Type in a title, author, key words (like Cotswalds or chick lit), or genre, and it shows books in a similar vein, in a seemingly endless chain of recommendations.

The brilliant basis of this website is that anyone who owns books can sign up and list the books that they own, and then when you search you will be led to other books owned by folks who share the same interests.

I enjoy reading Jan Karon, typed in her name, and was led to Miss Read who wrote Thrush Green, and a long series of novels. It turns out Jan Karon admires Miss Read. So I had to buy Thrush Green, which is a lovely escapist read.

If you have a favorite character, type in his or her name and you will find other possible authors to explore. I read the Martha Grimes novels featuring Richard Jury and my favorite fictional nobleman, Melrose Plant. Search by Grimes or her characters and you will find more mysteries to pique your attention. Using librarything I also found some delightful humorous Christian novels, including the Dearest Dorothy books. Give it a try and tell me via a comment here where your reading adventure leads.

Photo by Mtsofan of Creative Commons


Annette said...

Just some greeting from one Richard and Melrose- lover to another across the ocean! :-)))
Kind regards from Bavaria!

Crafty Gardener said...

I've been using library thing for ages now ... what a great place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pup and great tips for fellow bibliophiles. I'm a fan of Miss Read, too - Just reread Miss Read's Christmas Tales, this past December... Deb