Monday, March 17, 2008

The Benediction of Saint Patrick

For a rollicking good time within the pages of a book, I recommend the novel "Ireland" by Frank Delaney.

The narrator changes but the main character is named The Storyteller; he is the last in the grand Irish tradition of itinerant story tellers who travel in farm land and small towns and earn a meal by telling thrilling stories from Ireland's past.

Yes, the story of Saint Patrick is here, and King Conor of Ulster, Brendan the Navigator, Brian Boru, Finn MacCool, Norman raiders, a devil in a cave, monks and kings.

Interwoven with these tales is the unfolding story of a nine year old boy who meets the Storyteller, and who searches for this mysterious and hard to find man, in modern day Ireland.

The book is so enthralling that now I want to buy the audio cd version read by the author, who I am told is an accomplished performer.


Anonymous said...

This does sound fascinating... good recommendation! ....... Deb

Karen said...

Sounds like I have another book to add to my list. Thanks!