Monday, September 5, 2011

This and That at our house

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This and That

Some odds and ends from what’s going on at my house.
I am writing a book full of mom tips – soon to be published, I hope. More later when I have the contract in my hot little hands.

The marauding squirrel has returned, sorry to report. He (she?) dug up a pepper plant from our garden and it looked pretty dead, but I replanted it and watered it. The squirrel again dug up the pepper plant and left it a foot away in the dirt. Tis truly dead this time.

I feel like a pioneer woman when I harvest potatoes from our garden. This final batch of Yellow Finn organic heirloom potatoes was grown in a five gallon pail, in the “pail method” which I describe in an earlier post. My husband grilled steak outside and I dug up some taters. These are good boiled or thick sliced and cooked in olive oil.

My hubby and I watched a movie “The Conspirator” and found it fascinating, as Mary Surratt is on trial in a military court for involvement in the assassination of President Lincoln. Will she hang? I won’t say here, but wow, her lawyer was a brave man to defend her.


rosaria said...

Oh, squirrels,black birds, slugs and raccoon own the garden!

Mari said...

Congrats on the new book!
We have squirrels around here, but they've never dug up plants. What a bummer!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I hate it when those little boogers dig up my plants! grrrrr....

Paint me green with envy over your veggies! ;)

I'm putting The Conspirator on my list! Thank you for the tip! blessings ~ tanna

Daisy said...

The squirrels get into everything planted here. They drive us crazy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds like a movie I would like to see! I'll look for it! enjoy your week, my friend! ♥

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Ok, first of all I am jealous that you actually have personal letters from the LEGENDARY Madeleine L'Engle...good for you. I am soon to emabark on Circle of Quiet. I just finished reading quite a few of her thoughts in the book Literary Ladies by Nava Atlas.

Congrats on your new book contract!!

Sharon (and yes, our own taters are the best...and pail grown is so easy)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I intend to try bucket potatoes one day.
Bummer about the squirrel.

Anonymous said...

I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

koralee said...

Oh dear sorry to hear about the squirrel...crazy little thing. Do they like Peppers? How would of thought that!

Would love to see The Conspirator. Happy week to you. xoxo

Lynda said...

That squirrel sounds persistent. Perhaps it thought you were playing a game with it.
Yum on the dinner. We will sometimes make oven fries with the OO and other seasonings.

Privet and Holly said...

We almost rented
the same movie
on Monday night;
wish we'd done it,
now! And I'm also
at war with a wee
squirrel who thinks
my herb boxes belong
to him/her, as a
place to store acorns.
It's worse in the spring
when he/she comes back
to collect and I've
just put in tender new
xx Suzanne

Nancy's Notes said...

How exciting to have another book about to come out, congratulations! I am not a fan of critters that mess with the things I love! Your taters and steak, yummy! We had that too! My tater were store bought, I am sure yours were much tastier!


West Side of Straight said...

We need to watch that movie! I'm now reading "The Help" and will watch that movie when it comes out on DVD. The bood is very good. Congrats on your book ~ I'll keep my eyes on the lookout for it when I'm shopping! jo

TAILS of TANKENE said...

Sounds like that recipe would work for me tonight. Which heirlooms do you prefer dear one? I am partial to Yukin Gold potatoes-they taste buttery to me. Purrs, Sparkles and Tankene

Amrita said...

Wish you all succ3ess for your new book Trra.

BumbleVee said...

I can honestly say I have never seen or had a squirrel dig up any plants and there are plenty around....squirrels that is... okay, well, plants

I love olive oil on my steamed spuds....and, when I make a potato salad...I drizzle on plenty of olive oil too...prior to adding any makes it taste so much better...and... you use a lot less mayo too...

As a matter of fact....since we visited Portugal...I find I am enjoying olive oil on salads more now too instead of plain oil.... what wonderful flavour!

Jo's This and That said...

Congrats on your book! Thanks for sharing.