Sunday, January 17, 2010

What book that you read in 2009 is your favorite?

Hi Book Lovers,
I will do a post soon listing the favorite books read in 2009 by readers of this blog, and I will include my own favorite too. Though I will probably list 3, since I can't limit to just one.
The books can be published in any year, the 2009 just means that you read it then.
I asked this question on twitter, and will add in their favorites to the round up post too.
Do you like to see this kind of idea list? I always find a few book to add to my TBR wish list when I read Best of or Favorites of lists.


DustyLu said...

Love the list can't wait to see the books.lulu

Kathleen said...

The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Left my shaken and feeling like I wanted to either vomit or curl up under a rock. I don't think a book has _ever_ hit me that hard.

Second place would go to The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews. It's rare that I'm hooked that quickly on voice alone.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

"The Colony of Unrequited Dreams" by Wayne Johnston. (And "The Flying Troutmans" is on my to-read list for this year.)

Jemi Fraser said...

Great idea! I love favourite lists :)

My favourite book in 2009 was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Great YA book.

Denise said...

I read The Shack.... Still have no idea if I loved it or hated it.. Then read 90 minutes in Heaven.. Loved that.... Read Women of the Bible and loved that... Such powerful stories.

I plan on reading much more this year...

Susie's country cottage said...

Thank your for your visit to my blog and for your lovely comment. I'm with Kathleen. I read The Road last year and although I found it riveting, it made me cry big time. I can't bring myself to go and see the film (which is out in the UK at the moment) because the book upset me so much!

Helen Ginger said...

Since I've been doing a lot of editing for writers this year, I can't list my top three since they were all ones that haven't come out yet.

Straight From Hel

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hi Terra... thanks for stopping by. I read mostly non-fiction, so my new favorite "read" from 2009 was Margaret Feinberg's "the sacred echo." Raw, real, stunning and thought-provoking. Mirrors so much of what I like to read and the style of writing I like.

Blessings and peace to you this week~elaine

Karen Walker said...

HI Terra,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to "meet" you. I own a Ford Taurus 2000 - and we're considering getting another one. So many factors to think about.
My favorite book in 2009 was definitely "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society."

arlee bird said...

Can't remember all the books that read this year -- isn't that terrible?
A couple that I really enjoyed:

LOST MISSION by Athol Dickson

Brutal Journey by Paul Schneider

The Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I've been looking through your scrapbooking one and this one. You are a very talented person!
Love it.
I can tell I'll be spending some time here.
Thanks again,

BumbleVee said...

hey Terra.... it is not a closed group that does the Monday Photo of the Week. If you would like to join us ... please feel free to do so.

Linda began it.... and we all just played along.... here is her blog site if you want to sign up. No hard and fast rules at all... just somebody suggesting themes because a few seemed to be running out of ideas for photos.... not me...I have too many ideas. This keeps me a bit more "focused" to speak....

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello Terra...
Thank you sweetie for stopping by my blog and posting. I love to write and read new and interesting other blogs.

Sadly this past year I was not able to sit and read, I blogged mostly. My niece passed away with cancer and I found myself updating for prayers and praying a lot, so reading I could not sit still long enough to do. Maybe this year.

I loved your blog, enjoyed reading so many beautiful things. I will be back for sure, and have signed up to follow you as well.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Tankene Ice Mist said...

Homer and Langley- quite good but dark!I have enjoyed reading Steve Berry's books, The Venetian Betrayal, The Templar Legacy, and The Alexandria Link. Cotton Malone is the hero and retired to become a "bookseller" and thus a lover of books. Sparkles

Texas Playwright Chick said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Terra! One of my very favorites of 2009 that I read was Eat, Pray, Love.

Also, The Key to Yourself, by Venice Bloodworth (circa 1952 or 55)

These were not only my 2 faves for 2009, but two all time faves to date.

What a great question!