Thursday, January 28, 2010

tips on writing for magazines part 3

Here is some more information freelance writers can use, and which I've learned from doing lots of querying and having many articles published, plus my co-authored book on Christmas.

Editorial calendars.
This is the schedule of themes and of articles the editor creates as he or she plans the magazine's issues.
Many magazines lock in their articles way in advance, from three months to a year in advance.
For seasonal articles, many guidelines say to submit your query one year in advance.
In June of 2009 I thought I was way ahead of time and submitted a reprint article on a Christmas theme to a magazine that has published some articles of mine before. You might think that querying in June for a December issue is well ahead of schedule.
I was sadly disappointed to hear from them that their Christmas issue was already set, in June. Their email had a happy twist, though, since they loved my article and asked to publish it in December 2010, and I said yes, of course.
Pay on acceptance vs pay on publication.
Some of my favorite magazines pay on acceptance, which means when I send them the article they want, they send me a check. Hurray! More magazines pay on publication, so even if you send an article in June 2009, if they publish it in December 2010, you will be paid in December 2010, a year and a half after they agree to buy it. Hopefully a big fat check!
Using the same logic of "pay on publication" maybe we can buy a dress, perhaps in January, and offer to pay "when we first wear the dress", perhaps in June. Lots of luck on that one!
Whether "pay on acceptance" or "pay on publication", the check is always welcome at my house, and it is great to see my words in print, often with some gorgeous photos provided by the magazine. I hope the words are meaningful to readers, which is why I write.
Writers write, so to all of you writers out there, keep on writing and querying, and tell me about your writing successes.


Nezzy said...

You have the best tips! I'm tryin' to push my children's books right now. Man, is that a tough business to break into.

You have yourself a marvelous day filled with blessings from above!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Terrra...
Sweetie I love your post, and your words are so beautiful to read. I can only dream about writing that well. I write from my heart and I believe that my beautiful little blog home is the only place that will read what I write. I so enjoy visiting with you and seeing what you have to share. It is wonderful to know a real published person. I am just tickled as sweet tea in the Summertime. Thank you for sharing with me today, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Have a beautiful blessed Friday. Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix. Love, Sherry

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn ~ I had no idea about this. I never thought about getting paid for my articles, writes ... hmmm!

TY for your sweet notes. They mean a love to me.

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Tankene Ice Mist said...

Terra Lou, Thanks for the tips. How are you? Sparkles

Jean said...

Thanks for the tips. I've just started in the freelance writing biz and it's been interesting so far. Now about those "big fat checks"... Haven't seen those yet although I should be seeing my first check in June. But big and fat it is not, ha!

Anonymous said...

Dear Terra, Although I cannot imagine myself wishing at any point to publish [although I am told that there is a novel inside each one of us], I thought that this little insight you give to be absolutely fascinating.

Thank you so much for commenting on my latest posting to which I have replied.

Holly said...

Great tips...I have yet to publish (for a fee) in a magazine..everything has been linked to PR for a book. I have been meaning to look into this more...

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Terra
Thank you for visiting my post and leaving your warm comment.

I enjoyed looking around your site. I love to write, too, but I've never gotten brave enough to inquire about any work of mine being accepted or published.

Hopefully your blog will give me some ideas.

Thanks, I appreciate your dropping by!