Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beatrix Potter's Birthday & Garden

Hill Top @ Near Sawrey
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Does every gardener wish to visit Hill Top Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter?
She was born July 28, 1866, and purchased and preserved Hill Top Farm in 1905.
The farm is located in the English Lakes District, in Near Sawrey.
I highly recommend the movie "Miss Potter". Her story of being an accomplished author & painter in times when women had limited options, the way she preserved this rural retreat and farm and even the cinematography combine to make this a must see movie, for my husband and I.
Visit http://visitcumbria.com/amb/hilltop.htm for a glimpse of Hill Top Farm today. Beatrix Potter left Hill Top Farm to the National Trust when she died in 1943, with the proviso that it remain unchanged, including her furniture and china.
Happy Birthday Dear Beatrix.


seashell cosmos said...

funny how 'blogland' works sometimes and where I seem to end up clicking from one blog to another. Take today, I was looking at my ( very small ) bear blog and saw your kind comment ( Thank You ) and here I am! :)

Huge fan of Beatrix Potter and adore that film. Oh thank you for that link too.

Happy Birthday to her!

Sparkles said...

i love the beatrix Potter stories especially Peter Rabbit. Happy Birthday to her. Sparkles