Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ramses III of Egypt and Early Flower Pots

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La tombe du Prince Khaemouaset (VdR 44) dans la Vallée des Reines (Thèbes ouest, Egypte)

Wow, I just learned that flower pots are documented back to the time of Ramses III, Pharoah of Egypt, as long ago as 1230 B.C. Scholars call Ramses III creative and an innovator, and the last of the great Pharoahs.
Born in 1198 B.C. when Egypt enjoyed security, Ramses built many temples and palaces, including the famed architecture at the much visited and admired Abu Simbel. He used earthenware flower pots in the 514 semi-public gardens that he established.
His gardeners filled the pots with colorful flowers and shrubs, and with papyrus plants, which was a break in tradition with Egypt's formal gardens.
Ramses III had the pots set along walkways in temples and gardens, which makes me think that he had a bit of the gardener's soul in him.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to tell my man this fact! He always thinks he knows everything and I can guarantee that he won't know that!

Great blog by the way

Kathy Collard Miller said...

What a fun trivia point. Thanks!

Cat with a garden said...

That's very interesting. Our mom has a (very) small) patch of dirt in the patio and many many pots. She's very interested in the history of gardening and especially how all the plant hunters brought exotic plants to their home countries...
Thank you for the greetings from your garden! I would love to meet another NFC, as there aren't many out there. Does the cat blog? I would love to see him/her.
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Terra said...

Hi Siena Snowfox,
Like your mom, I enjoy the history of gardening, the plant hunters, and garden tidbits and trivia. One fun book she might like is "Garden of Invention" where I first learned of Ramses III.
I will tell my friend with the NFC about your website today.

Cat with a Garden said...

We only saw your reply now. Oh noes, we're slow. This book sounds interesting, we will see if we can get it for our mom. And thank you for introducing us to Tankene Ice Mist. He's gorgeous!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Cat with a Garden said...

This is great: we were able to lend it via our university. Thanks again!