Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garden stepping stones created by friends

Friends of mine secretly met and created 6 masterpieces of pique assiette, 5 garden stepping stones and 1 lovely flower pot with a ceramic parrakeet on it.
This photo shows the five stepping stones and in the upper right the gorgeous pot with the yellow bird perched upon it.

Pique assiette is that method of using broken pieces of pottery and plates, embedding them in cement, to create a garden step stone or pot or bird bath. That has always sounded like fun to do, creative and therapeutic at the same time, as you break pretty plates to create the broken pottery pieces to embed in the cement.

Now my husband and I are planning a way to set all the 5 step stones in our garden, right at the edge of our patio where they will shine in all their glory.

We decided to lay down two layers of a tough fabric and a softer fabric, which will stop weeds from growing through and allow water to filter through.
We bought 21 red cement paving stones, 12 inches square, to set next to the artistic stepping stones, on each side and between them.

The red pavers are less thick than the handmade stepping stones, so we will set them on a bed on large redwood chips, to lift them to the same height. This is our plan.
When completed I will share a photo on this blog for all my readers and friends to see.


Sparkles said...

Hi Terra, What a pretty garden you will have with your new stepping stones. Looking forward to the picures. Sparkles

BumbleVee said...

they look almost like cakes.... now, I want to try making some too...sigh.... too many fun things to try...just not nearly enough hours in any day......