Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My summer treat is Dreyers Coconut frozen bars

Dreyers ice-cream delivery truck
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In the interest of good health, I avoid an excess of sugar, and have discovered something delicious that has only 15 g of sugar per serving. That isn't too much sugar when I am careful the rest of the day.

My recent discovery is Dreyer's frozen fruit bars in the Creamy Coconut flavor.
It has tiny flakes of coconut in the bars.
My husband and I enjoy this treat, and one of our cats always asks for a taste, when we are done.
Well, Big Boy the cat asks immediately but he has to wait a few minutes till we are done.

I see that each bar has 120 calories. There are other flavors including lime and strawberry but it is coconut as the winner at our house.

What is your favorite summer treat? Please share it here so we can all be intrigued and tempted to make a purchase, make a smoothie in the blender, or create a cobbler.
Do tempt us all.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love these bars, too! I like the lime ones, too.

I sometimes just eat frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries straight from the freezer, or drop them in my water.

I don't really eat ice cream or anything like that. I do like chocolate frozen occasionally.;)

Sparkles said...

Favorite treat was an Orange flavored milkshake with my Dad, eaten at the old creamery in San Jose.Yum, now it's the " Missle" a layered red, white, and blue rocket shaped popsicle! Blake likes 'um too! Great for the 4th. Sparkles