Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop You're Killing Me Mystery Book Website

I found a wonderful website for all of you who love to read mysteries, at http://www.stopyourekillingme.com

This website is very useful to mystery afficionados, and lists 2,800 authors and their works. My favorite feature here is that by author or main character you can find chronological lists of the titles. So since I am reading and buying books by Jim Butcher, Elizabeth Peters, Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin and Martha Grimes, among my favorites, I can find here the next few books in each series. This is helpful in my bookstore quests.

You will also find here intriguing lists by genre (diversity, paranormal, senior, pets, etc.) and by time period with their historical index (1500s, etc.)

If you love mysteries, or find a fiction topic like pets or seniors dear to your heart, I suggest a visit to "Stop, You're Killing Me."

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Kim and Victoria said...

Good to know. I love Elizabeth Peters.