Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So many books I want

Oh my goodness, how the internet tells me about so many books that really fit my interests.
If I had more time for reading and a bigger book buying budget, I could go on a book buying spree, bigger than what I already do.
Today I read my e-newsletter sent by Susan Wittig Albert. These newsletters are very welcome with all kinds of garden and herb information. She mentioned a book "The gardens of Emily Dickinson", so I went to Amazon and yes, that book looks like something I would like to read.
On that page of Amazon it listed another book about Emily Dickinson's garden, which also looks good, and then, horror of horrors another somewhat related book title appears titled "Garden Voices."
These all sound like I would enjoy reading them.
Help, I must escape these book suggestions, and go read the 50 books on my to be read stacks at home.


ShySongbird said...

Oh my goodness, this rings a bell, I have such a huge stack of books waiting to be read and never enough time to do so! I used to get through three or even four books a week but I think the computer has been my downfall, I can lose too many hours blogging, and surfing in general.

Thank you for visiting my blog, yours looks very interesting and I will visit again.

Melody said...

I have read Garden Voices and one of the books about Emily Dickenson. They are both interesting reading with lots of good information and ideas. So go ahead and add them to your list:) You can read them on a rainy day.

M.Kate said...

I love reading but sadly I must say most of my reading habits are confined to reading in the car, while waiting for the kids...I know that's sad.. :P hugs for the weekend/M

BrendaNixon said...

Oooo, Mark's book looks intriguing and captivating! Best wishes on this giveaway and to him.

Like M.Kate said, I love reading but find myself doing it on long road trips when I'm in a confined space with little distraction (oh, my husband is doing the driving). At airports, I work crosswords but guess that doesn't count as reading does it?

Flower said...

Your love of books is shared! I totally get the pull and need to read...and love to have! The lady at the library knows me by name...I don't even have to use my card! :))
I'm going to check on that Emily Dickenson book!! :)

Sandy said...

Finally getting around to visiting and hey, I love your suggestion of "doodlebug" a nickname, may go for it!


Shaddy said...

Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog.

It's a small world isn't it? I read that you attended Beloit College. It's a renowned college with a beautiful campus. I bet you loved your experience there.

I used to read in my spare time but since I started doing more writing and blogging, my writing time has been greatly diminished. I go with what moves me so I'm sure I'll get back to being an avid reader again someday.

Thanks again for commenting at papercutscreams.

Jean said...

I know the feeling!


Cheryl Barker said...

Terra, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving some words of encouragement. Much appreciated.

My reading list just keeps growing, too. I don't have near all the books on it -- hoping to find many at the library. Yea for libraries! :)

Sheila DeChantal said...

Are you familiar with book They have books for free there all you have to do is review them and there are Christian Groups there.

If you haven't checked it out I would recommend it. :) I use it all the time.