Thursday, May 7, 2009

review of In the Footsteps of Paul

I have a copy of a gorgeous photography book, and share here my review of it. Since I have visited that part of the world, the book is especially meaningful to me. Perhaps you have been there too? Or want to visit?

In his book, “In the Footsteps of Paul: Experience the Journey that Changed the World”, Ken Duncan’s luminous photographs invite readers to almost step in to his photographs of the ancient world.

Two maps are included to help readers trace Paul’s journey, and the text is short paragraphs by Duncan, Scripture about the places, and quotes by writers including C.S. Lewis, John Piper and Max Lucado. Cities like Antioch, Tarsus and Ephesus are pictured here, as Paul journeyed on foot and by boat, spreading the word about Jesus.
In Acts 9:15 we read “He [Paul] is a chosen vessel of mine to bear my name before Gentiles, Kings, and the children of Israel.”

The photos of glorious old mosaics and icons are of the highest quality, and photos of seaside cities and ports, and dusty streets and the Damascus Gate, will encourage you to read the whole book and keep turning pages, and to dream of visiting these historic lands.

I visited a few of these sites, including Jerusalem, Jericho and Petra, and the photos stir my enthusiasm to go again, to see more of these cities with fabled names like Tyre, Lebanon, Philippi, Greece and Attalia in Turkey, to name just a few. Turn to page 143 for a glimpse of the harbor and colorful fishing boats in Tyre, and you may want to book a flight to visit these lands.
“When we had sighted Cyprus … and landed at Tyre … and finding disciples, we stayed there seven days.” Acts 21:3-5

Once you have read it from cover to cover, this is an ideal book to keep nearby for spare moments, and to share with children and family and friends.

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