Sunday, May 17, 2009

Radio flyer shaggy dog story

Daffodils in red wagon
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I saw something yesterday that touched my heart, and I want to share it with you.
While walking in my neighborhood I saw a man and a woman walking their two dogs. The woman had one dog on a leash and walked ahead, and the man was pulling a Radio Flyer wagon with a very old and shaggy looking large dog in the wagon.
It made me think about when they decided to take the older dog on the walk.
One day the older dog probably cried or looked so disappointed as they prepared to take a walk with the younger dog, that they got the brilliant idea to take him along in the red wagon.
How the older dog must enjoy those "walks", feeling the breeze ruffle his fur, seeing other dogs and people and having a change of scene.


Zoë said...


You asked why the Green man was soaking in my sink.

I had made a door wreath of various evergreen stems, and berries, from Ivy, Yew, Holly and Willow, and the easiest way to water the foliage to keep it fresh was to part submerge it in the sink!

Hope that helps, I am not mad, just ever so slightly eccentric.

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Kim and Victoria said...

That's really a sweet idea. Giving the dog something different to see and feel, too.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

So very sweet and touching! What a nice post. -Jackie