Monday, May 25, 2009

free copy of Night Watchman

Do you enjoy reading mysteries with characters you care about? Then I think the book "The Night Watchman" is for you.
The "night watchman" of the title is an Orlando homicide detective who was shot and almost killed in the line of duty, with his partner killed beside him.
The night watchman, Ray Quinn, is severely injured, in constant pain, and barely able to walk, and working as a night watchman, when a mystery presents itself to him and he couldn't refuse to help.
A young woman's beloved brother is dead and it looks like the brother killed a prostitute, but his sister insists that is entirely out of character and that he was framed.
I read many mysteries, and find that this author, Mark Mynheir, is very talented, creating a gripping plot and characters with depth. Putting his background as a homicide detective to great use, the author has written a book that compells readers to root for Ray Quinn.
At the end of this entertaining novel, I am happy to read that the main character will return in a sequel.
Leave a comment here, and one commenter will be selected using to receive a free copy of this mystery book.


BumbleVee said...

hiya Terra..... I do like a good mystery.... and haven't done much reading for years .... mostly I am looking at doll and bear mags and searching for info. and techniques online...

It seems doll and bear making ..along with gardening, golf, motorcycling, blogging and blog hopping... etc... just take up too many hours of my days now...sigh.... how can we get some more hours in our days?

Kathy Collard Miller said...

Thank you for the book recommendation and review. It does sound good.

Kim and Victoria said...

Cool! I love a good mystery.

Johnice said...

Sounds like a fabulous read! It's always fun to start a new series.

Sparkles said...

Hi Sunshine, i just finished a mystery called Amazozia. Thanks for your review of the Night Watchman. It sounds scary! Sparkles

Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting read! Plese count me in!

I can be reached at : infiniteshelf at gmail dot com

Shaddy said...

How sweet of you to give us all an opportunity to receive a great mystery.

I don't get through books quickly. I appreciate the effort that each and every author puts into his or her book or books. I give great attention to every sentence and thus the reading process doesn't go quickly.

Perhaps I should read at least some of the time entirely for the fun of it without such concern.

Thanks for a chance at the book.

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Hi Terra! Well, you KNOW how much I love books! LOL! Hope you got my thank-you e-mail for the Eden one. :-)

You can never have too many books (or plants!).

Thanks for another contest!

Terra said...

And the winner is Kim and Victoria, picked by
I sent you an email so you can send me your street address.
If you read this you can send me your address to thekilns at excite dot com