Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowers with fun names that you like

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What flowers with fun names do you like?
I would love to hear from you.
One favorite I have is "Meet me by the gate" or "Jupiter's beard."
The flowers are white, pale pink or deep rosy pink and look a little like lilacs.
These are sturdy plants, once established.
When I lived on a farm, the neighboring farmer's wife told me that local people call this flower "Meet me by the gate."
This name is very friendly.
Do you have a favorite to share with us?


Kim and Victoria said...

I like Love Lies Bleeding. Sounds like a mystery novel.

Sparkles said...

Here's one that has a name somewhat like your own: Anisiodontea 'Tara's Pink' - this is commonly called the Cape Mallow.
I also like the Coleonema: "Sunset Gold" also known as the "Gold Breath of Heaven". Sparkles

Terra said...

Hi All,
Kim and Victoria, yes "Love Lies Bleeding" is a fabulous plant name, and in fact is the title of a mystery by Susan Wittig Albert. All of her books have plant related titles.
On twitter, two readers told me they like the plant name of "Lambs Ears", and yes, I agree.
And Sparkles, "Gold Breath of Heaven" makes me want to plant one, without even knowing what it is.