Thursday, May 14, 2009

Butterfly on my toe

(Hi All, no this is not the butterfly who sat on my toe. I found this photo on Butterfly on Lantana
Originally uploaded by aussiegall)

I sat in my garden for half an hour today, to read a book in a mystery series I discovered recently. I heard a flutter of wings and looked up to see a brown bird taking a bath in our bird bath.
Then I noticed a pretty butterfly or moth, brown and orange, creating a display on a plant right near me. It attracted two others who came over, perhaps flirting. One of those two sat on my toe.
I was very honored to have such a winged friend sitting on my toe.
Oh the side benefits of taking a moment to sit in my garden.
Have you met any critters in your garden today?


Jen said...

My kids at 5 & 7 are awesome butterfly catchers. They walk up to the plant their drinking from and very delicately pick them up by their wings. When they were younger the poor things had no chance but now my kids realize the beauty the butterfly has to offer.

Nice Blog!

mary said...

Well, hello there. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's nice to know another Miss Read fan...I think that makes four. Everyone else is missing out!

I can tell I will enjoy your blog - I spent several hours today painting butterflies. I love them as well as all other bugs, birds, flowers...

I have heard of your book. It seems like I saw you and your co-authors interviewed? Did I?

I've not posted in a while, this is a busy month, but I will soon and I hope you'll check back!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've seen my duck posts? It has been so much fun having the baby ducks come to the corn bowl on the patio. Squirrels come too, and a variety of birds. It's always colorful.

In the evening, raccoons and deer eat what the daytime critters didn't. Our back patio is the talk of the forest!

M.Kate said...

Beautiful Lantana..we have so many of them in different colours. Perfect for lazy gardeners like me...they dont need much except lots of sunshine. Have a wonderful week :P