Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 5

The March of the Old Forks.
My dear friend, AKA Dr. Watson, gave me this great idea that she has seen in a garden.
When I plant long rows of vegetable seeds I sometimes forget what I planted in which row, as I wait for sprouts to appear. And even when the dainty green sprouts appear, it sometimes is not clear which veggie is arising. I need a tomato or zucchini to show up, then I know for sure.
I don't have any garden row seed packet holders, and now Dr. Watson has shared a fun idea with me.
Dr. Watson suggests to take old kitchen forks and stick the handle in the ground at the end of a row of seeds, and put the empty seed packet between its tines.
Eventually forks become worn out, and we earth lovers and penny pinchers don't want to throw anything away. Now the forks have a chance at a new life.
This is a useful tip that costs little or no money, and is upbeat when seen in your garden.
If you don't have any old, tatty forks at your house, garage sales and flea markets often have rafts of them for sale at ridiculously low prices. I might even say at dirt cheap prices.
Anyhow, the idea of little regiments of old forks, gaily holding up seed packets while marching across my garden, is a pretty thing to contemplate.

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