Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 1

Pots For Free
Originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik

This photographer gave away these pots for plants, a cheapskate gardener's dream.

This week I will post short tips on how to garden cheaply and save some money, while creating a gorgeous garden.
My first idea is to visit garage sales, looking for garden tools and plants, often priced under a dollar.
For 25 cents I bought a handsome ceramic pot which was hand crafted as a bowl, but which had a crack along the bottom, making it useless as a bowl, but perfect for a planter.
You could also host your own garage sale, with seedlings, divisions and cuttings from your plants. Hydrangeas and Christmas cactus do well from cuttings, and most Succulents can be readily rooted by breaking off a piece and putting it in soil. This could net you a few dollars to spend on more garden plants and seeds.

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