Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Tabby Cat is Thwarted in His Quest to Nap

Do you know and love a tabby cat, like we do?
They are affectionate and handsome, yet not perfect.
Our tabby, Big Boy, is looking thwarted in this photo. Yesterday I planted parsley seeds in an old wooden planter, and put bamboo stakes in it, to keep Big Boy from taking his daily naps there, on top of my tiny seeds and soon to be, seedlings.
My husband had the brilliant idea of adding an old refrigerator shelf to the covering, held in place by the bamboo stakes.
Big Boy is dismayed and confused as he contemplates how to take his nap on the nice fresh potting soil, and I hope he gives up, cuz we loves our parsley. I usually buy one or two parsley plants but found seeds on sale and am giving them a try.
I bought Extra Curled Dwarf from Burpee; we also enjoy the Italian flat leaf parsley.


Randy Emmitt said...

Cute kitty, looks like he'll get the point of the grating. Our kitties have just been thwarted too with the finishing of our screened porch.

Good luck on the parsley!

Sparkles said...

Big Boy is a darling tabby. My Chubs is a Ginger tabby and big too![I bet Big Boy wouldn't need to sleep on your parsley if he had two tiny white kittens to nurture because Chub can hardly sleep now that he is an Uncle to Tankene.]I like your hubby's clever ploy to keep Big Boy out of the seeds! Sparkles