Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 3

Our New Bird Bath
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To encourage birds to visit your garden add bird baths. I have a standard classic style concrete bird bath, completely covered in smooth pebbles, standing on a pedestal.
Then I decided the birds need another bird bath, so I bought a large ceramic saucer that is made to set under a big ceramic flower pot. The large glazed saucer only cost me $3.00.
Set it on an old clay pot, fill it with water and there you have it, your very own $3.00 bird bath.
Of course you can find a large saucer for less at a thrift shop or garage sale, or you may already have an unused plant saucer.

One key element for bird baths is that they not be too deep, 2 or 3 inches deep is best. Remember this is not meant to be a swimming pool! If your container is deep, put a brick or ceramic frog in the center for the birds to stand on.

This second photo is such a clever use of recycled parts, apparently a garbage can and lid, that I include it here for inspiration. Look around your yard and see what you can find to create a water source for your garden birds.


LaDonna said...

This has me even more excited for Spring! Cute ideas that anyone could use no matter what size their yard is.
We enjoy watching the birds at our feeders and baths and with the ideas you shared I think I will add to the one we already have, so we can accommodate even more birds.

Terra said...

I am happy that you may add another bird bath; birds appreciate more than one.
Big birds can dominate, and pets can keep them away from the water at times, so it is helpful to offer more than one.
The birds will thank you by singing and eating creepy crawlies :)

Sparkles said...

The garbage can idea was precious! I am amazed by gardening folk and their ideas. Thanks for the tip! I look forward to more ideas. Sparkles