Monday, March 2, 2009

The Birth to Five Book

Brenda Nixon, author of "The Birth to Five Book: Confident Childrearing Right from the Start", is having a mini blog book tour, and I am happy to be part of the tour here today.
Author Brenda Nixon offers practical advice to help readers be confident and successful parents, with guidelines to help our babies and toddlers to become self-confident and independent as they grow up.
The author includes separate chapters on common situations all parents face, like “Cabin Fever Relievers”, “Thumb Sucking Sally”, and “”Bedtime Resistance Remedy.” I counted about 50 chapters, each one loaded with good ideas, and even some funny quotes.
Her chapter “Talk Less, Act More” sums up effective parenting, for me. Instead of repeating an order countless times while your child ignores you, tell the child once and then take an appropriate action. Do not say “get dressed for school” 100 times. The author shares a funny story about her daughter and the school bus, on that topic.
Brenda also includes her recipe for blueberry milkshake that sounds like a yummy, and definitely healthy, breakfast or snack.
She suggests that if your child could answer the question of what she needs in a successful parent, the child might answer “I feel secure when adults run the household. Be the parents.”
This thread of being a wise parent is woven all through this must have book.



Sparkles said...

Brenda Nixon really knows her stuff. I have appreciated her child discipline weekly updates. Sparkles

Sparkles said...

I checked out Brenda's new website and also discovered this new book of hers. It sounds like a must read for new parents and grandparents. Sparkles

Brenda Nixon said...

Thanks, Terra, for sharing the secrets of The Birth to Five Book. One thing you didn't mention; it'll pay for itself with the cost-saving tips and recipes near the end of the book.
Also, thanks to Sparkles for your kind words and support. Glad you subscribe to and appreciate the free discipline tips.

Brenda Leyland said...

Terra, Thanks sooo much for stopping by my site! I enjoyed your comments.

I can see from reading your profile that we must be kindred spirits --- I just watched Miss Potter and enjoyed it very much. Love gardens, writing, being a lover of Jesus, cats, reading, all C.S.Lewis , Jan Karon.......

So now I'm glad we 'found' each other. I look forward to browsing, when I have more time, through all your blogging treasures.

Happy Day!