Thursday, February 26, 2009

victory garden

victory garden
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Victory Gardens are all good; fun family activities, good exercise while digging, planting, weeding and harvesting, delicious and healthy food, and money saving.
That is alot of positives all rolled into one.
Here are some places to visit for more ideas. wants the White House lawn to offer space for a Victory Garden
Eat the view is a catchy name.
Another source is
Visit the site and you will be ready to victory garden with the best of them.

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lindayezak said...

Ah, sweet Terra! Now you're *really* talking to my heart! My thumb isn't quite so black with vegetables as it is with flowers. Hubby and I have a garden each year, and ours is large enough for me to do a considerable amount of canning and sharing with our neighbors.

One suggestion for the friends of your blog is to check out area food banks and know when they're open. I work at one here in Texas, and the clients we have always love fresh produce. If you're places are like H.O.P.E., they're not equipped to keep a lot of fresh produce on hand, but if it can be supplied on the days they're open, what a wonderful blessing for those in need!

Keep your green thumb growin', sister!