Friday, February 13, 2009

Ideas on Aging With Grace and Beauty

Robin McGraw wrote this book of tips on how to look our best, and be healthy, at age 55 and beyond.
She is the bouncy attractive gal you may have seen on the Dr. Phil show, since she is his wife and sometimes appears there. Robin McGraw does a reality check for her husband, from time to time, on his tv show, where she exhibits her warm and upbeat personality.
This book follows through with that happy and bubbly tone, and is full of suggestions on how to take care of yourself, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Robin had her wakeup call during a telephone chat with her mom, when her mom was 58. During the talk, her mom suffered a massive heart attack and died. What a shock. Her own mom always put family first, with little heed to her own health, and Robin realized that moms need to care for themselves so their adult children and potential grandchildren can enjoy their company.
She includes a chapter on fashion, and if you know me, you know this is not of central interest to me, since I go my unique way with my own style. But I was happily surprised to find ideas I will use here, including her tip that if you can buy only one clothing item to dress up your wardrobe, buy a blazer. Robin and I both prefer jeans, and she points out that a blazer lets you wear jeans pretty much anywhere.
I also found a beauty tip for hair care, on page 151, which I am going to try. I read with interest her chapter on makeup, since I do consider lipstick to be essential for restaurant dates with my husband.
She even recommends brands of makeup and shampoo, etc.
There are chapters on hormones, fitness, nutrition, faith and more, and Robin has created a great gift for any lady of “a certain age”, who aims to age gracefully.


Bonita said...

I'm not 55 or beyond, but I bought her book primarily for the chapter on hormones. I skimmed the others as well and got some great tips. Overall, I think Robin has about ten times more energy than I've ever had in my life so some things I could use and others I couldn't. Her make-up bag probably has more items in it right now than I've used altogether in the last ten years. haha

Terra said...

You made me chuckle, about all that energy, and makeup too.
Robin sure looks gorgeous and is upbeat, so I like those aspects of her writing.

Brenda Leyland said...

Terra, thank you for leaving us with a glimpse of this book -- hadn't heard of it before. I'm not yet 55, but I'm in the decade now.....

So I'm putting that title on my list of books to look for and read!